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‘Manipulator and stalker’, Lele Pons is criticized for forcing Guaynaa to go out with her

A few days ago Lele Pons and Guaynaa starred in what was a dream for manythe marriage commitment on stage at the most important electronic music festival in the world, Tomorrowland.

The above was described as a romantic act, so fans began to wonder how the love story began Between both. During an interview for influencer Chente Ydrach’s podcast in 2021, Lele revealed how he managed to conquer Guaynaa; the history it is horror, full of lies, manipulation, threats and montages.

This was the toxic conquest of Lele towards Guaynaa

According to the influencer, after her meeting with the singer she became obsessed, so she set herself the goal of conquering him no matter what he had to do.

In the interview he explained that asked his friend Sebastian Yatra to do private parties at his house and invite Guaynaa to have the pretext of seeing him, a situation in which the Yatra refused and felt uncomfortable since I did not know the interpreter of ‘Rebota’.

I don’t want to know if he has a girlfriend or notI’m not interested, I’m going to do it, ”Lele declared.

In addition, he added that at parties they played ‘truth or dare’ and through messages threatened attendeesalso noted that she was the only one who could play and interact with him in the challenges.

“Don’t challenge him with anyone at this party, only with me, whothat you kiss me and that you touch me whatever

On another occasion, she traveled with the singer and her father to New York in order to interact with her family and show that they got along; Lele she considered that in this way she would win points with the singer.

To any minimum request or taste of Guaynaa she responded immediately; none of this worked though, The Puerto Rican singer showed no interest in the influencer.

Is Guaynaa forced to have a relationship with Lele?

Strangely a week his attitude changed and it was he who invited her to go out

“I don’t know if it was for something, if he left with a girlfriend, but he came and it was my chance”, the above reported with a smile that fans described as dark.

He added that at a Halloween party she gave him the costume that he had to wear to ensure that they would go as a couple. Finally, he organized a dinner with his family to which he invited Guaynaa and gave each member a script that they had to fully comply with to avoid Lele’s fury; she forced them to say only what she wanted so the dinner was completely staged.

“If I love something, I fight a lot for it,” he concluded.

Guaynaa is in a forced relationship they consider fans

Through social networks, users have pointed out Lele’s way of acting as harassment, so they asked not to classify it as a romantic story, of overcoming or of persistence.

This has called into question the relationship between the two, even speculating that he is under an effect that keeps him by force next to the Venezuelan.


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