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Manelyk vs Karime: this was the indirect war between the members of Acapulco Shore

The fight between Manelyk González and Karime Pindter on TikTok (Photos: Fb/Manelyk Gonzalez,Ig/@karimepindter)

Karime Pindter Y Manelyk Gonzalez They are again in the eye of the hurricane due to their enmity, since the two influencers decided to attack each other with hints on TikTok and in fact, it was the first one who started.

Since last year, when Mane participated in the house of the famoushe told Celia Lora that she was estranged from her comadre, since she had preferred to “support” her former partner, Jawy Mendez before her.

From that moment, the friendship between the two took a 180-degree turn and they went from being quite close to no longer frequenting each other, because Karime spent time with Luis Alejandro Méndez, jawywhile Manelyk remained away from the circle of those of here shore.

This distance gradually increased until the interpreter of Rich unfollowed Pindter on Instagramwhich sparked a wave of questions from fans and the media.

Manelyk González and Karime Pindter met at "Acapulco Shore" (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)
Manelyk González and Karime Pindter met at “Acapulco Shore” (Photo: Instagram/@karimepindter)

And that was not the worst, because what ended up unleashing the whole lawsuit was that the creator of the podcast Karime Kohler, He recently posted a tiktok in which he insinuated that Mane was a “treacherous” and she couldn’t keep quiet about it and answered him in a story of Instagram.

Manelyk’s answer is already a couple of weeks old and during that time there was no reply from Karime, however, a day ago, the influencer decided to reply to her ex-comadre’s message with another TikTok video.

Me leaving the false and envious ones wanting me to answer them”, Karime mentioned in the intro of the clip, while the audio said the following: “Damn per… (laughter in the background)”. In the description, the influencer only put a hand emoji painting her nails and the hashtags #MTVAcaShore #Gossip.

To this Manelyk responded with another tiktok in which he put: “It’s not indifference mija, it’s cowardice”, with an audio in which it was heard: “I am the main and you the secondaryI am the boss and you are the secretary. You are not at the level to be my adversary.”

The most shocking thing about this is that in the description of the video Manelyk compared Karime with Karla Panini and called her “Panini la per ** cowarde”, because since the controversy began, Aca Shore fans accused Pindter of having lowered her boyfriend.

Also, another member of Acapulco Shore, Brenda Zambranowho at the time had problems with both but is now a friend of Mane, allegedly also joined the indirect war to defend her intimate.

In his last video of TikTok the known Aunt Brenda wrote: “When they throw you but they are afraid to tag you” along with the same audio that Karime used. “Damn ***.

And it is that everything should have turned on more when the first trailer of the new season of Acapulco Shore 10 came out, in which Jawy Méndez and Karime appear giving a passionate kiss in a jacuzzi.

After that, they started uploading videos together and in one of the direct Instagramthe pair of influencers said they were boyfriends, which sparked a lot of bad comments towards both, but especially her, who is already named “Karime Panini”, as fans relate it to the case of Karla Panini and Karla Luna.


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