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Manelyk González covers the tattoo that was made in ‘Acapulco Shore’

They say that a tattoo is an important decision for life, so to do it we must be aware of its meaning on our skin and it seems that Manelyk Gonzalez wanted to erase one of his most important steps for the Mexican television.

The singer and influencer He shared this process on his social networks, although he still does not show the results or the moment in which hel have this tattoo removed.

The tattoo was reflected in one of the episodes of the reality show ‘Acapulco Shore’and in addition to Manelyk, some participants also have this friendship symbol.

Manelyk González talks about his relationship with famous friends: “I purged many people from my life”

Manelyk removes tattoo of the ‘scorpion with wings’

In one of the Instagram stories, the influencer shared that he was about to remove the tattoo he got while at the house of ‘Acapulco Shore’ in the company of his friends.

On the other hand, Mane uploaded stories where she was accompanied by a of her best friends as they planned a tattoo together to seal their friendship.

However, this is not the first time that the influencer has done this type of thing since in one of the chapters of the reality showvarious members, including her, they got a tattoo.

The influencer shared that she was thinking of covering the tattoo on her wrist with an ‘acorn’ and He promised he would show the result of this.

It is important to remember that both Mane as Tadeo, Karime and Jawy they have this ‘winged scorpion’ tattooed somewhere on her body, however, Karime was the first person to cover this symbol.

The ‘winged scorpion’ of Acapulco Shore

On the other hand, if you still don’t remember this episode here we leave you the clip where we can see that the members tattoo this scorpion with wings.

The symbol was selected by all due to the famous Mexican saying ‘God does not give wings to scorpions’, because they themselves confessed, being in Acapulco Shore doesn’t happen to everyone.


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