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Mandy Moore, from This Is Us, revealed the disorder that will condition her second birthThe protagonist of This is us explained in an interview why her pregnancies are considered risky

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Mandy Moore told why her pregnancy is risky

Mandy Moore He stole our hearts with his participation in this is uswhere she played the lovable Rebecca Pearson. Although the actress and singer had already been doing countless jobs in the entertainment world, her greatest international recognition came with this role. The truth is that she already has millions of fans around the planet and, taking advantage of her massive popularity, she also uses it to make some important issues about motherhood visible.

Married since 2018 with the musician Taylor GoldsmithMandy is already the mother of august -who was born in February 2021- and is now about to give birth to her second child. In this sense, a few days ago she told in an interview that was forced to give birth without anesthesia because he has an autoimmune disease that prevents it. “I have too few platelets to be able to receive epidural anesthesia,” he explained in dialogue with Today Parents. And he added, about her first birth experience: “It was horrible, but I can do it one more time, I can climb that mountain again”.

Mandy Moore shone alongside Milo Ventimiglia in This Is Us
Mandy Moore shone alongside Milo Ventimiglia in This Is Us

And if that was not enough, your pregnancy is also considered at risk due to this diseaseas there is a risk of major bleeding at the time of delivery, whether it was vaginal as caesarean section. So, you must be very careful to know if your platelet levels are stable or not, for which you must perform frequent blood tests.

What Moore has is called immune thrombocytopenic purpura, which is a disorder caused by low levels of platelets (cell fragments that help blood clot), in which bruising or bleeding appears in the body. A person with ITP should not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or warfarin; because these drugs alter platelet function or blood clotting and cause more bleeding.

Meanwhile, and to take care of her health, Mandy decided to end the tour with which she had been presenting her latest album, ahead of schedule. In Real Life. “It turns out that being on a set is a far cry from being on a tour bus. It was like trying to sleep on a wooden roller coaster. I was dumb and thought, ‘If I did it before, I can do it again.’ But every pregnancy is different. This time, in addition, I have to take care of a small child. I was afraid of negatively affecting my unborn baby and his growth, ”he had said in that interview.

The love story with her husband is quite particular. In 2015, she heard on the radio the band Dawes, which her current partner founded with her brother, and then found out that they were going to release a new album. Mandy then posted a photo of the album cover All Your Favorite Bands, and tagged the band on it. Goldsmith found the message and spoke to him. Later, they began an exchange of emails that ended in a first date. In September 2020, Mandy had announced her first pregnancy. He posted three photos of her and her partner cradling her budding baby bump, with the caption: “Baby Boy Goldsmith is coming in early 2021.”


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