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Maná “mocks” the situation in Monterrey: “How I wish I could live without water”

MONTERREY.— Manna is one of the few rock bands in Spanish that can boast of having loyal fans despite new musical trends. However, several of his fans would cease to be after the alleged taunt or attack that the group had against the Monterrey.

Maná ”mocks” the situation in Monterrey: “How I wish I could live without water”

For several months it has been reported that in Monterey, the lack of water It has kept the inhabitants in a very complicated situation. Also, not having this service has been a cause of great concern for the population, which has repeatedly asked the authorities to solve this problem.

Despite continuing to suffer from lack of water, activities in Monterrey, Nuevo León, continue and proof of this is the performance of concerts, such as those offered by Manna this past July 8 and 9 at Banorte Stadium.

However, the group’s presentation has been widely commented on and criticized, since a clip has gone viral on social networks in which the group’s vocalist is heard ”make fun” of the situation in the Sultana del Norte.

According to the video, Fer Olvera, vocalist of Maná, it would have been funny make fun of lack of water that Monterrey suffers, because while performing the song “Vivir sin aire” (one of the most popular songs of the group) it was possible to hear how the singer modified the lyrics.

Therefore, Fher decided to sing “I wish I could live without water”, instead of “how I wish I could live without air”, original lyrics of the song.

As was to be imagined, Manna has been the target of severe criticism, since Monterrey residents and Internet users considered this action as “direct attack” and a “taunt” that had no place.

Likewise, on social networks such as Twitter and TikTok it is possible to find videos in which the public can be heard booing Fher de Manna, who allegedly tried to remedy what happened by asking mother earth for rain:

“There is a scarcity of water and that is very bad, there are also things that are not well planned on the one hand… and on the other hand, Mother Earth that already has to rain, we beg you, we ask you with all our respect” , the singer is heard saying.

With this “slip”, the band from Guadalajara once again gives something to talk about and not precisely because of their tour entitled ‘Mexico bonito y beloved tour’.

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