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Maná celebrates daily life and like in reunion with 60 thousand followers

Fher proposed: “Tonight we are going to have a great time” to his fans, and that was the reunion night between Manna and its 60 thousand guests who loaded the Sun Forum.

At 10:10 p.m. the gentle of the discussion board was turned off and the notes of “How I Would like You” they began to listen to each and every other, forgetting the time with ten minutes of waiting around.

Notice was targeted on Fher’s singing and the virtuosity of Álex on drums, Sergio on guitar and Juan on bass, who ongoing with “From head to toe”, right after the greeting of the vocalist. “Excellent night, Mexico City. How great it feels to be in the coronary heart of Mexico.

“The emotion of playing in our country is massive, massive, more substantial than El Foro Sol, and conference our people all over again is wonderful. So tonight we are likely to have a excellent time”, explained Fher and the euphoria materialized in shouts and applause.

“Thorned heart” gave way to the concert in which they also read “Deliver a signal” Y “Shared Lips” reaching a great conversation concerning the quartet and the general public, who did not stop singing the music and retaining the rhythm with their toes that the band marked.

Just before starting up with “The place will the young children enjoy”, which he focused “to these minimal types, successors, their children, their grandchildren, their nephews”, he addressed his followers once again to provoke reflection on the predicament of the planet and the responsibility that we all have to suppose.

“Now we go with a tune from our beginnings. At that time we experienced the proposal and the problem of taking treatment of our Mom Earth, the only 1 we have, for the reason that there is no world B, there is no approach for any individual, and think the repercussions if not We do issues properly. Many decades ago when I wrote this subject matter I did not have my little ones and it was a bit nostalgic for my family members, for Mexico and the environment that we could not, nor can we, make the mistake of ending our Mom Earth.”

Right after the emotional interpretation that was illustrated with outcomes on the screens, where it was appreciated how character, flora and fauna, “is splitting”, as Fher sang the night continued with “Live devoid of air”exactly where the vocalist accompanied himself with his harmonica.

They record the concert for a documentary

But in advance of he shared: “Tonight we are documenting every thing to project it to the whole earth. It is a celebration of lifetime, mainly because we are nonetheless alive immediately after a excellent tragedy that handed in excess of us. And we can have this celebration of adore and everyday living, many thanks for becoming a member of race”.

Fifty-somethings and forty-somethings in partners have been the vast majority of the community that could be seen in the stands in the normal part and in the VIP place, but there have been also a superior quantity of youthful individuals who sang and relished the live performance, and that is how Fher perceived it.

“I see quite younger folks, thank you, and how many generations, three,” mentioned the singer prior to asking the audience to share a toast.

“I want to do a cheer. Here we are ending this year’s tour. In this Aztec heart. It can be as if we have been in the clouds lifting us up. And now we proceed with this theme that we dedicate to all all those sexy, seductive very little gals who go from flower to flower “, and the notes of “Treacherous Butterfly” have been already enjoying close to the room.

Then arrived the singing and dancing with “Hey mi really like”right before Álex took around the scene and dealt with the viewers: “Speak what you want, Mexico Metropolis. Are you completely ready to go on a rampage?”, and mixing the overall performance of his drums and his singing, he will interpret “Like a mad dog” Y “I do not care”.

The scene viewed by the 60 thousand souls who managed to promote out on stage improved once more. Now Juan, Sergio and Álex shared the area of their bass, guitar and drums, respectively in the instrumental piece they offered.

By then the human warmth exerted force on the temperature that with the development of the night registered its decrease. While that did not make a difference to the friends who, with beer in hand and even a marijuana churro, whose odor “terrified” much more than one particular accompanied his satisfaction.

The mild of the forum went out yet again and when he returned he concentrated on Álex who, leaning on his drumsticks, gave a sample of the mastery he has with his instrument.

Bohemia at the center of the Foro Sol

The second was taken edge of by the relaxation of the band, who still left the phase and put them selves on the Island, appropriate in the heart of the Foro Sol, to keep on with what Fher referred to as “a bohemia, a pigeon”.

and to the rhythm of “I forgot once again” focused “to José Alfredo Jiménez”, the occasion continued, in which it was also heard “Clandestine really like”“simply because they check with us a lot on our social networks”.

The flexibility of thoughts will flourish once more when the singer reported: “The music that follows was focused to my father, my mom and all individuals persons who have appear in advance of us”, to later on share the origin of its composition “The Cuckoo Clock”“that tale of the youngster who at 7 several years outdated was fearful because his father was not there and his mom did not know how to clarify demise to him”, with which he brought on hundreds of tears to appear on the faces of his attendees.

“I will cry a river” Y “smells unfortunate”, the latter with Fher’s harmonica, continued the evening that caught the interest of Maná supporters in the middle of the forum when the singer invited 4 women to the stage. They all just went upstairs and had the singer in entrance of them, they took the chance to vent his emotion and hugged the host who committed them: “You are my Faith”.

The complete darkness that returned to the forum authorized the singer and the musicians to return to the stage and with “San Blas Pier” the get together continued when midnight welcomed Sunday.

“Nailed to a bar” gave continuity to the repertoire when the influence of the beer was by now manifesting by itself during the creating, the very same in the visits to the bathroom as in the damaged phrases or in the euphoria of the spontaneous choristers who emulated Fher’s singing and movements.

Prior to the denouement, the singer took time to introduce the band, which bundled two more musicians, while a fantastic variety of his attendees were now moving in direction of the exit even though the Foro Sol continue to seemed like a fantastic entrance for the cameras and drone to report the final scene to the rhythm of “Scratching the sun”.

Sisters who died soon after slipping into a drain prior to Zoé’s concert in CdMx are fired


the external atmosphere


The sale of unofficial Maná souvenirs, in the vicinity of the Foro Sol and El Palacio de los Deportes, was shared with those people of Zoé, who had her 3rd concert that evening at the Palacio de los Deportes.

Adhere to THE Danger

Irrespective of the incident of the girls who missing their life when they fell into a drain although attending the Zoé concert at the Palacio de los Deportes last Thursday In the vicinity of the Palacio de los Deportes, darkness reigns due to the absence of public lights, in particular on Athletes Road.


This weekend the motion returned to Mexico Metropolis on a big scale, on Friday there was a live performance by El Recodo and Julio Preciado at the Mexico City Arena and Zoé at the Palacio de los Deportes on Saturday Maná, in the Foro Sol, Earth, Wind & Fireplace, in the Plaza de Toros Jesse & Pleasure, at the Countrywide Auditorium and Zoé, repeated at the Palacio de los Deportes and in the morning the Liverpool Bolo Fest on Paseo de la Reforma.

Reference from www.milenio.com

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