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Man who insulted Belinda in front of Christian Nodal apologizes to the singer

Once again, Christian Nodal gave something to talk about after a video was shared in which the singer appears singing a song by Vicente Fernández and one of those present asks for the microphone to insult his ex-fiancée, Belinda.

The clip went viral on social networks and criticism rained down on the interpreter of Goodbye Love Well, he did not defend the insults to his former partner. After his presentation in Guadalajara, the singer has not come out to give a statement about it.

Belinda reacted to the insults and attacks against her in a video shared on social networks by Trending News by Monick calling for a stop to gender-based violence. “MThank you very much for your words, I value them very much, how sad that some people support this type of misogynistic behavior, ”wrote the Spanish actress and singer.

Now the known “Charro de Toluquilla” also came out to face the public and apologized for the comments made against Belinda.

“After what has happened and what happened, how people greet me on the street. They tell me: ‘Charro, you’re already famous’ and I tell them: ‘Nerd. I was already famous and what happens is that I made a mistake”begins by explaining the man in a video shared on his Facebook account, James Garcia.

The man also explains that since his video went viral hundreds of people come to ask him to record videos in the style of Alfredo Adame because they think he can also insult other people by phone like the soap opera actor.

I feel very sorry that I disrespected Belinda in the way that I did, I got carried away. I apologize Belinda, I don’t have the pleasure of meeting you. Also to the women who were offended by this, I know it’s something not to do, I did it and I’m sorry. From the bottom of my heart I apologize to you, Belinda,” he apologized to the singer.


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