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Maluma sang in Medellin with Madonna as a surprise guest

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For the singer it was a return to his hometown of Medellin with a big show. Maluma sang at a concert that lasted three hours over the weekend in that city and had many surprise guests, including none other than Madonna.

For the Colombian musician, the singing was more than emotional, as he performed in the city where he was born and where he always returns, But at the same time, the guest stars included figures like Madonna, who appeared on stage to perform various songs together.

Among the songs that he shared in front of the audience, which made both of them happy, were medellinColombian and . from musicDiva’s other outstanding guests of the evening were Feed, Blessed and Grupo Firme.

Madonna and Maluma with the look of the song "Medellin." Photo: EFE/Universal Music.

Madonna and Maluma with the look of the song “Medellin.” Photo: EFE/Universal Music.

a packed stadium

great show baptized medals on the map, was held at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium, which had a capacity of 50,000 people. According to Maluma himself, The show was the most important of his career,

“It’s my biggest dream. Medellin, I miss you so much. It’s unbelievable that I had to wait 11 years of my career to step into Atanasio Girardot, but God knows why he does the things he does.”said the singer. “I was born in Medellin and I will die in Medellin,” he assured.

While this isn’t the first time that Maluma and Madonna share a stage at a show, there were emotional nuances to it being Colombian’s hometown. on the other hand, heArtists already have a past journey of mutual cooperationIn music videos and live events.

This was Madonna’s second appearance in Medellin, as she was in that Colombian city during the successful tour. nDNAin 2012. On that visit, the singer filled the historic Atanasio Girardot Stadium twice.

warning that came true

In 2021, during an interview for a special edition of the magazine Rolling stone, commented on the possibility of attending a concert this weekend. “Look! I’m going to watch your show. That would be cool,” Madonna said. To which the Colombian replied, “Guys, he said that, didn’t he? He said he was coming to my show!”

The promise came true last weekend, when after more than two hours of concert at Medellin Stadium, Maluma woke up and, while the public was already thinking she was on the final leg of the show, Madonna appeared. “Medellin, I love you” was a greeting from the Queen of Pop that left the audience stunned.

Standing on a platform with a 360-degree view, they performed together medellinsingle with which Madonna opened her album madam x of 2019.

was seen with madonna a fiery pink dress, hair full of ponytails and black boots, and the cast repeated the choreography of that Maluma theme video. Then, still on top of the stage, they immediately disappeared from the stage to reappear and sing together. music. on this subject, AThe two wore the same cap that was featured in the diva’s video recorded in 2009.

By then, with pure dancing and performances, and before the final salutation, which also marked a farewell to the show, the public did not stop shouting and taking pictures of the moment which, at this point, is said to have already made history. Maybe, at least for those attending the stadium in the Colombian city.


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