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Maite Perroni celebrates twice after getting engaged: I am fully

This week has been one of complete celebration for Maite Perroni. The Mexican actress is doubly celebrating important events in her life, both professionally and personally.

The former RBD went on Thursday afternoon to the iconic Empire State Building in New York to celebrate the Independence of Mexico along with thousands of her countrymen from the Big Apple. The actress, along with the consul general of Mexico in New York, Jorge Lopez Islandsthe Mexican ambassador to the UN, Juan Ramon de la Fuente, Y Jean Yves Ghazipresident of the legendary building, turned on the lights that illuminated the historic observatory with the colors of the Mexican flag.

“I am very happy to be able to share this celebration, because more than being an event that positions me somewhere, it is being here to be able to represent the community and to be able to represent them, who are the ones who have built so much on behalf of our country in this place, in this city,” Perroni told People in spanish.

“[Los mexicanos] They are a very large, hard-working community that has contributed a lot to this country and to be able to be celebrating Independence Day today and also to see the most famous building in the world lit up with the colors of our flag is a total pride,” he added.

According to the office of the Mexican consul in New York, there are more than 1.5 million Mexicans residing in the city.

“Never lose faith, that they value every effort, every step taken, every achievement and that everything they have sacrificed and everything they have done has also been in favor of the families who are suddenly left behind in a country they can no longer visit,” said Perroni, addressing his compatriots.

“But many times these sacrifices are what allow them to support their families who are in their country of origin. It is a very painful situation, very difficult, but their faith, their temperance, their effort, their dedication and their dedication , has been taking them forward,” he added.

Precisely love is what has Maite radiating joy. One year of relationship with the producer Andres Tovarthe actress is ready to reach the altar.

This week, the couple got engaged in marriage before “God, the sun and the moon”, the happy groom revealed on his social networks.

“I am in a very nice moment where I feel very fulfilled professionally. Personally, I feel in a moment full of balance, of illusions, with many very beautiful things happening ahead. I am very well, very happy, very full. In a total fullness fortunately”, assured Maite.

Also at a very busy time professionally. In addition to his star in the series dark desirethe actress stars in the series Triad, which will premiere in December on Netflix. But in the midst of her busy work schedule, she is already making room for her wedding preparations.

“You have to see how [la agendamos]”, he said between laughs. “There are always solutions. We will find the way. There is no excuse not to celebrate. We are going to be preparing everything to celebrate, have fun and have an incredible time, really enjoy what we are experiencing right now.”

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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