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Magic Johnson on How Supporting Son EJ Inspired Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade (Exclusive)

Magic Johnson on How Supporting Son EJ Inspired Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade (Exclusive)

ET spoke with Johnson ahead of the premiere of his new Apple TV+ docuseries, 'They Call Me Magic.'

Magic Johnson is leading by example. The basketball legend talks to ET’s Kevin Frazier ahead of the release of his new Apple TV+ documentary, they call me magicThe rhetoric of support for his son, EJ Johnson – who publicly came out as gay in 2013 – inspired Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade when Wade’s daughter, Zaya, came out as transgender.

“We’ve always been people who try to do the right thing and do what we were supposed to do,” Johnson shared. “In no way were we going to support our son. In no way were we going to love him, as we tell him, be who you want to be, we’ll love you, we’ll support you.” And then because of that, Dwayne and Gabs said, ‘Oh man, look at this.’ We’re looking out, do our work with our son, so if we can help someone by doing just the right thing, that’s a good thing and a powerful thing.”

He continued, “So, thank God we have influenced people, whether in court, off the court and in our everyday lives. If we have done that, we have been a blessing.”

Union and Wade appear in the doc, where they share how much of an impact Johnson had on them and how they navigated Zaya’s transition.

When ET spoke with Union and Wade at the show’s premiere, Union said that Johnson and his wife, Cookie, “showed the way” to them.

Union said, “It’s about perseverance and putting your family first and loving each and every member of your family equally and loudly. And he showed us the way.” “They were the first people we called, ‘Okay, we’re moving to LA, what do you guys think is the best school for Zaya?’ And he gave us the blueprint. And literally, in my career, every step of his career, he’s been there.”

As for Wade, seeing Johnson embrace EJ allowed him to better embrace Zaya, and it also allowed their children to be there for each other as they each begin their journey.

“We had the opportunity to see EJ and Zaya embrace. As a father, to see all of our children embrace, and to understand that they are on a journey that is different from our journey. They are all And to hug them and see them all be like, ‘Yo, whatever you want, I got you. I’m here.’ To me, this is what Magic and Cookie have been with us as adults. And it was amazing to see EJ do the same to Zaya,” Wade said before watching Johnson speak proudly about his son. shared. Arsenio Hall in 2013.

He continued, “That moment, when I saw a black man, a professional athlete, proud of their child, whatever they are doing in life, just proud of who they are and who they are. , that makes it easy for me to say, ‘I saw one of my idols do this, big brother, I can do that.'”

The four-part documentary touches on not only how the family handled EJ, but how they dealt with the former LA Lakers’ public HIV diagnosis.

“We have to remember that this is a story that has never been fully told, so now to your point, we have everyone who was talking about it and I’m so glad the story is being told.” And everyone is telling their version,” Johnson explained. “It’s powerful and you’re gonna laugh, you’re gonna cry and you’re gonna think. You’re gonna see moments you’ve never seen before, and it’s been a part of my life for 30 years now. It’s probably The most powerful part of the Doctor series.”

He continued, “What did Cookie feel and what she was going through, and being pregnant with our son, EJ at the time. What I was going through, thinking it was a death sentence, ’cause I didn’t get any Didn’t know better, so, everyone involved tells their side about it, and I think that’s what makes it great. And EJ, who’s about to turn 30, now, gets to share his side. So, everybody gets it, be a part of it and it’s really wonderful.”

they call me magic Will premiere on Apple TV+ on April 22.

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