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Magaly Chávez recommends that Alfredo Adame go to a psychologist; “not well”

Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chavez They became one of the most controversial couples, and after their separation, they have not stopped commenting on each other through social networks.

Now in an interview for Gossip of MULTIMEDIA, Magaly Chavez assured that the controversial actor and DJ “played” with feelings.

I think he played with me because when it comes to being in the reality show, he shows himself as such“, Explain. “i will witness that“, Remember about the background of Adame.

Remember that, for her, he was a ‘gentleman’ and a very different person; however, she claims that stopped ‘following the game’ but assures that everything changed after they attended the reality show and then everything changed.

The influencer denies that it was a staged affair, but concludes that Adame “used” her so that she could clean up her image in the face of the scandals and controversies in which she has been seen.

“I think that he did use me at a certain time to clean as his image, because after that many people already spoke well of him,” he explains. “Now, I don’t think they can speak well of him.”

As for being questioned about being with him for simple fame, she assures that she had even more fame when she was part of ‘Falling in Love’.

I was more famous when I was on the reality show ‘Falling in love’, there I did go out to the street and they asked me for photos, they asked me for autographs, we filled shopping centers… not right now,” he explains.

Regarding the beginning of the relationship, he assures that they knew each other a long time ago, but it was at closer times that their love began: “he is a handsome man, it must be said, he is a big man, 64 years old, he is handsome, he is still preserved, and I like people older than me“, Explain.

He relates that they were together for about four months, and that they hardly saw each other for work reasons, even once a week. Likewise, he assures that her relationship did not come to anything because she wanted the actor to be serious with her.

Although they thought about getting married, the influencer spoke about a possible reconciliation, which is completely ruled out: “what does it feel like because he is going to get married, I will never go back to him in my life”.

In addition, he ‘recommended’ Alfredo Adame that he should go to a mental health professional: “I would like him, for example, to step on a psychologist, everything he says is not right, I think we also have to heal from heart, he has a lot of hate and a lot of resentment”, external.

live angry with everyonehe says. “Who’s wrong? He is the one who is wrong”, external adding that letting go and healing, everything would be better for him.


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