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Magaly Chávez attacked Alfredo Adame after being insulted by the actor: “Get over me, sir”

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The young woman responded to the actor (Photo: Instagram @magaly_chavezoficial / CUARTOSCURO)

The relationship between Magaly Chavez and Alfredo Adame seemed to be taking a good course, because even both had intentions of joining in marriage. However, since the two were chosen to participate in the reality show I’m famous, get me out of here! the romance came to an end.

Faced with this situation, the former contestant falling in love to send you a strong message to Adame, after he made fun of her from his social networks.

It all started in Instagramwhere the enemy of Carlos Trejo went up one selfie and tagged his ex girlfriend in the post description.

“Yuuupi!! I already have filters like @magaly_chavezoficial”, he mentioned.

When exposed, the young influencer defended herself and asked Alfredo to leave her alone once and for all, since she was not interested in being related to him anymore.

“Get over me sir!!!! Or do you have nothing else to talk about? Any fight out there??? Nope? Come on, put on another show, you see that I hang on to your fame hahahahaha,” he commented.

Adame mentioned Magaly in a comment (Photo: screenshot/IG @adamereacciona)
Adame mentioned Magaly in a comment (Photo: screenshot/IG @adamereacciona)

After the brief dispute, Alfredo did not say anything more about it, but social network users quickly reacted to the clash of the artists and divided the opinions.

“@magaly_chavezoficial It takes and can not stand ….”. “@magaly_chavezoficial whatever the old man says, you are fine sabrotsaaaaaa”, were some mentions.

But the situation did not end there, since some Internet users made their annoyance towards the former soap opera heartthrob more evident.

“Now old man guango everything hangs on him, andOnce I get over Magaly, she doesn’t even touch her name anymore. How do you think Magaly was going to notice you being an old man like that and if I used it, she knew how to do it very well and stop posting everything. Magaly has values ​​​​for not going up or labeling it in anything, ”wrote a user.

To this, Alfredo Adame was not silent and replied: “I don’t remember asking for your opinion as a maid.”

Also, to a netizen who claimed not to know the actor prior to his relationship with Magaly, the controversial winner of I’m famous, get me out of here! attacked him:

“Well yes, you must be a naco who doesn’t even have a TV”placed.

Magaly and Adame are no longer a couple (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)
Magaly and Adame are no longer a couple (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

The breakup of Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chávez

It should be remembered that, before they entered the reality show, Alfredo Adame and Magaly Chavez starred in a fleeting romance that curiously ended days before they were confirmed as participants in I’m famous, get me out of here!

Nevertheless, within the reality they faced some differences, and it is that the actor also attacked his ex-partner on more than one occasion, one of the most recent cases was when he crossed her out of “rude” and “ordinary” for not supporting him in his decisions when they were still as a relationship.

A week before the influencer’s departure, the actor harshly criticized Magaly for some attitudes despite the fact that they had supposedly been on good terms: “What surprised me was that she turned against me from the beginning. I feel used and betrayed. (It is) Rude, uneducated, come on, current”, he indicated in a talk with some members of his team.

The 36-year-old businesswoman had already ruled that she preferred to stay distant of the protagonist of beyond the bridgebecause in addition to he had ended their courtship because he didn’t want to apologize for breaking one of his promises, he was being rude to her.


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