Home Entertainment Madonna accused in the networks of advocating gender violence

Madonna accused in the networks of advocating gender violence

Madonna accused in the networks of advocating gender violence

Madonna, 63, shared a message on her Instagram account on Monday, November 22, announcing be proud of your latest collaboration with photographer Steven Klein for V magazine Magazine.

In this, Madonna thanked everyone who supported her “and slept on sofas and they worked long hours and for free“, In addition to pointing out that the project was carried out” against all odds “and with a” almost zero “budget.

This confession has unleashed the anger of his followers in this social network both for what they consider labor exploitation and for making a alleged apology for gender violence.

Madonna Is Also Accused Of Labor Exploitation, As She Said Many People Worked For Free In Production.  Photo: Instagram Madonna

Madonna is also accused of labor exploitation, as she said many people worked for free in production. Photo: Instagram Madonna

Questionable photos

In one of the photographs that accompany the text, the photographer Steven Klein appears knife in hand pointed at the singer’s neck.

The queen of pop closes her eyes while Klein pretends that he threatens her with the utensil, while she holds the magazine in her hands, on the cover of which she can be seen in an image in which there are those who find some similarities with that of the death of Marilyn Monroe. Hence the blonde ambition of “Glorify” gender violence.

“Everything in this post is horrible. He expects his staff to work for nothing and promote knives ”, replies a follower.

Is a knife to a woman’s neck art? The patriarchal system is very happy with you. Turn on your brain. With all the women who are abused and killed, and what you post is a knife to the throat. Disgusting message ”, protests another follower of the artist.

Madonna, At 63, Continues To Be A Provocateur .. Photo: Instagram Madonna

Madonna, at 63, continues to be a provocateur .. Photo: Instagram Madonna

Work for a millionaire diva for free

Regarding Madonna thanking those who “slept on couches and worked long hours for free,” reactions include comments such as: “Why are people working for free and sleeping on couches if they work for a billionaire?”

The definition of exploitation: people working for free in the name of art”. “So basically, you are a billionaire and you expect people to work for free to support you? Just because you call it art they don’t have the right to get paid ”.

Among those who have attacked the artist are personalities such as the producer of the film Into the wild, Gaston Trezeguet: “Working for free? Why don’t you pay them yourself? Do you have little money or something? ”, Was the strong criticism of the producer towards the diva.

Madonna Spoke To The Media To Publicize Her Documentary About The Lisbon Concerts.  Photo Efe

Madonna spoke to the media to publicize her documentary about the Lisbon concerts. Photo EFE

They don’t even forgive his hairstyle

Nor has the singer’s styling gone unnoticed, who appears with her hair fully braided. Here the users of social networks mess with the image of the artist and make continuous references to possible surgical interventions on your face and to the supposed retouching filters that he would have used when publishing the images.

“You had one of the most transformable faces and you have managed to destroy it with fillers and look like any other plastic barbie doll. I am very disappointed. You used to be a role model, now you are one of the copies. “

Source: La Vanguardia / Begoña Corzo Suárez


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