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Macaria tells what it was like to work with Octavio Ocaña in ‘Neighbors’: “very restless little boy”

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Nine months after the death of Octavio Ocana, Macaria -who plays Magdalena in Neighbours– revealed that she was originally going to play Lorraine Ruizthe mother of Benito Rivers. However, after recording the pilot Eugenio Derbezcreator of the series, decided to make several changes to the cast and characters.

The actress said that she initially recorded the pilot with César Bono, Octavio Ocaña, Fabiola Campomanes (which had been considered to play Silvia, Mayrín Villanueva’s character), Peter Weber (in the role of Don Roque), nora Velazquez (as Magdalena) and Sergio Corona (which was about to play Arturo, a role that Moisés Suárez finally won).

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“When we were going to read the script when they made the character changes they met us in Derbez’s office and I said: ‘how curious, if I had changed someone from those who made the pilot it would have been me, because physically, that is because physically it is impossible for me to be Octavio’s mother’. It’s impossible,” Macaria recalled.

Although the production insisted that she was perfect to play the mother of Ocaña’s character, she considered that it was not the best and still accepted the role.

“‘No Macaria, but you look very good’, (they told her), ‘Well, I don’t know it’s impossible, but thank you.’ And then Eugenio said: ‘I’m going to ask you a favor, Ana Bertha read Lorena and Macaria read Magdalena’, and that was the change“.

Macaria remembers the most complicated part of working with Octavio Ocaña in ‘Neighbors’

The actress, whose real name is Delia Beatriz De la Cruz spoke about how much Cesar Bono and Ana Bertha they appreciated the actor, of whom he said he remembered how mischievous he was as a child.

“What Cesar and Ana Bertha have loved Octavio, what they loved him. He was a very restless little boy, he was, like a good redhead, very hyperactive and I am a great babysitter, but not for all children“.

Macaria acknowledged that he did not share the same patience that his colleagues showed with Ocaña, a situation that he realized when they recorded the pilot.

“In the pilot it cost me a lot of workthat I saw him taking off the sandals he was wearing because he was dressed as a little angel when we were going to go down the stairs, and I: ‘don’t take off your sandals because you have to go down the stairs’. So the patience and love that they had for him all the time would have been impossible for me.”

Later, he told an anecdote of a curious moment he lived with Octavio Ocaña when he was still a child and she participated in the Dancing for a Dream contest.

“Something that I’m going to take with me too… they say that children and drunks always tell the truth. I was doing Bailando por el femur de mis sueño -referring to the reality show- and we were recording Vecinos and then this was on Sundays, and Octavio arrives on Monday, but happy and tells me: ‘Maca, I saw you dancing last night, I saw you dancing hip-hop, but you looked young there.’ I love it, I love it“, concluded the actress sending a couple of kisses to heaven.


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