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Lyn Might explodes in the midst of an interview whereas speaking about Niurka (video)

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MEXICO.- A couple of days in the past the transmission of Venga la Alegría went viral within the Niurka railed in opposition to Lyn Might, and your invitation to youBotox like that and now it was Vedette, too, who answered the Cuban.

It isn’t a secret Lyn Might and Niurka Marcos usually are not excellent. Just lately, Lyn can He mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t know the dancer, who can also be a dancer.

“I don’t know this lady, I know Cher, Nicky Minaj and Madonna, yes to them, I can’t say anything because I don’t know her, I don’t know who she is.” referred to as.

Niurka made her offended too

The bickering began final week when Niurka talked about within the morning interview that she did not imply to offend and that everybody was stunning and proficient on the time.

“The sport of Lyn Might drives in opposition to the site visitorsYou assume she hasn’t seen herself within the mirror and is aware of she’s ugly. Clearly it is in opposition to human trafficking, she laughs at herself and laughs sarcastically at individuals who bully her, ”he mentioned.

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Slightly offended now Lyn Might replied to the press and spoke about these statements.

I let you know that I do not know her, what do not you hear? Do not you may have a mind? “You make me love …” he attacked the press and threatened to depart the interview.

He additionally made it clear that he would not care what individuals say about his profession.

“Let them say what they want”, he additionally gave an outlook on his subsequent actions, throughout which he may have the corporate of two famend interpreters: “Cher and Nicky Minaj love me very much and I will see them in Las in two weeks Vegas we’re going to do a show, ”he remarked.

Lyn Might’s controversial being pregnant

Neither of the 2 girls is undisputed since Lyn Might turned to information in Chinese language media for his or her media being pregnant. In an interview for Sale el Sol, he talked about how he misplaced his infants.

“I think the pregnancy is over because with that horror and the uproar of the plane, no, really, we were reborn. All the people were crying, they were all getting out, and some girls, young women, were crying. The babies were scared, I think, and now the pregnancy is over, ”she mentioned on October seventh.

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