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Monday, June 27, 2022

Luta set up an installation in Pacifico to announce a new song recorded with Wosu.

Last night, Luta released his new song Love meVos, and presented it with an original artistic installation in Santa Fe and Juan Be Justo, just below Puente Pacifico, to the surprise of all pedestrians.

It was a giant container that recreated the video clip of the song, where Jaime James and Valentin Oliva are in the container of a truck, in full movement, with images inspired by the famous work. Arles. in bedroom Which was painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1888.

Cover of the single "Cureme" by Luta with Vos.

Cover of the single “Cureme” by Luta with Vos.

Utensil will be there all week After the premiere and a special experience, there is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of Luta.

new theme

Luta and Vos worked together a long time ago, when Jaime took part in the artistic production of Valentine’s first songs.

According to Jaime, “I’m overwhelmed, this is a new platform for Luta, which isn’t just me. Louta involves a lot of people and is a project whose artistic boundaries extend beyond music.”

And he adds: “Returned is like a planet or a great orchestra consisting of many things, many people and who will be in conversation with all kinds of other artists. We go out and show and roam everywhere with new Very looking forward to the upcoming music”.

An image from Luta's Instagram.

An image from Luta’s Instagram.

Over Louta and Wos

This year, Luta got off to a great start to the season with a scintillating performance on the first date of the Lollapalooza Argentina festival. It had a dance corps, had Marilina Bertoldi as a guest, launched an inflatable shark and finally got into a big silver ball

Luta and Marilina Bertoldi at Lollapalooza Argentina 2022.  Photo Emmanuel Fernandez.

Luta and Marilina Bertoldi at Lollapalooza Argentina 2022. Photo Emmanuel Fernandez.

Vos also performed on the same day, with Akru as his guest and who was on a national tour, with a previous performance at another great festival, Koskin Rock.

In addition, in April Vos released a new single, rip it outJust a week after its premiere on all platforms, it became the most listened song in Argentina on Spotify, leading into the top 50.

With that song, Vos swept across Latin America and Spain, reaching the top 50 at #4 in Uruguay, #20 in Paraguay, #25 in Bolivia, and the top 100 in Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

Also released, the video clip of rip it out Collects 5 million views on YouTube, and is #2 in music trends on that platform. The video is aligned with the tone of the song and the intimacy of the music, in a dimly lit room in which the performer reflects and is accompanied by his body that transmits his voice. It was directed by Rafael Nier and produced by La Casa de el Lado, who also produced clips for Culpa, Kanguero, Luz Delito and Terraza, among others.

Vos at Lollapalooza Argentina 2022.  Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

Vos at Lollapalooza Argentina 2022. Photo: Emmanuel Fernandez

Within the discography of Vos, rip it out Represents a low intensity, moving from power to embrace the pause and focuses on the connection between the vocals of the Vos and the stripped sound of Avle’s guitar, while singing “How Angry Love Gives Me , I’m going to take it out”.


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