Lupillo shows off his hand without Belinda’s face tattoo (VIDEO)

A few days ago it was confirmed that Lupillo had erased the tattoo he had made in the name of his love for the singer; Now it looks like this.

Angel.- lupillo rivera he got a tattoo Belinda’s face on the arm about two years ago, at which time it was said they had a secret relationship with the singer.

To this day that gossip and The tattoo is left behind Because with the announcement of ‘Bailey’ commitment Christian Nodal, also known as “Toro del Corrido” Remove the mark of “love” it took a while

This is what Lupillo’s arm looks like after Belinda’s tattoo is covered up

When the singer confirmed that she has a tattoo on her arm In honor of the love I felt for BelindaThe action caused a stir, but later, Lupillo himself confirmed that if he decided to have the interpreter of “Bella Betrayal” engraved on his skin, it was because he would have challenged her To capture this image on your body.

when The relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal, The Corridor singer was asked whether the tattoo would be erased or hidden. Faced with this question, the “Major League Baseball” interpreter assured that i will just remove it If your new romantic partner has asked you.

However, after the singer’s engagement was announced, Lupilo decided to erase All traces of his alleged past with Belinda.

According to the Jalisco tattoo artist, in mid-May, Lupillo Rivera contacted him to will help you hide the tattoo, The man assured that the singer contacted him after the death of Giselle Soto’s father, Rivera’s current partner.

“We have chosen youa figure that would completely cover A portrait of Belinda”, appeared exclusively for the program “Ventenando” by the tattoo artist known as ‘Tanké Rules’, who also said that he met Lupillo at the funeral of Giselle’s father.

It Wasn’t Skull Or Santa Muerte

After learning that Lupillo had Covered Belinda’s Tattoo It was said that he now wore a skullcap that looked like a portrait of Santa Muerte, but the reality is that hidden back tattoo with a kind of dragon design or snake.

Singer on social networks like Instagram and Tiktok was seen in some videos With a short-sleeved T-shirt where his hand was open, and so did fans. Belinda’s face he disappeared.

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