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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lupillo Rivera tells if Belinda ever asked him for money

Belinda’s love life always causes curiosity, especially after her relationship with Christian Nodal ended, who assures that the famous woman asked her for money at the time they were dating. And recently Lupillo Rivera, who was also the singer’s partner, He talked about whether at any time his ex-girlfriend made this request.

Lupillo Rivera attended the program Today as a guest and the hosts, as well as the journalist Ernesto Huitrón, They questioned him about the relationship he had with Belinda and if what Nodal said about her was true.

The first question they asked her, which made her laugh, was if it was true that Belinda didn’t need a man to have certain luxuries. Then the journalist asked him the following question:

“In that period that you shared, did he ask you what Nodal aired on Twitter? Did it happen to you?”

After questioning and taking a more serious attitude, Lupillo Rivera pointed out that Belinda was always a lady with him.

“What I can comment on Belinda is that it was a time we spent very happily. It’s over and everyone continued on her side, I can’t give you more details because I don’t like to give details (…), I never had to… I was never in that position. She was always a lady with me, I was always a gentleman with her and until then we both stayed.

Jenni Rivera’s brother commented that as Belinda said in a live transmission, she and any woman, is capable of being self-sufficient.

“All women can work, all women can be empowered, all the time they can be the strongest women in the world, but I think that women always lack that ‘my love, here I am for what is offered to you, yes. you’re tired, my love, I’m here to rub your feet’ and that’s it. And that she continues to chambeando one hundred percent ”.


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