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Lupillo Rivera tearfully recalled Jenni Rivera’s death: "the worst of my life i was on tour in nc"

The singer Lupillo Rivera, Jenni’s brother, recalled his sister’s death in a recent interview and tearfully pointed out that when he found out he was touring in North Carolina.

During an interview with Yordi Rosado, Lupillo reminisced about parts of his life, like his early days picking fruit in Fresno and selling records of his favorite singers door-to-door, such as Vicente Fernandez and Los Alegres de Teran until the day he won a Grammy.

But Lupillo not only remembered the happy moments, he also remembered the worst moment of his life when he found out about his sister’s death.

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Lupillo Rivera tearfully recalls learning of his sister Jenni Rivera’s death

During the interview with Yordi Rosado, The Suffering and Scorned Alone performer recalled the impact the news of Jenni’s death had on his entire family.

“I was on tour in North Carolina, she was in Monterrey. I got a call from Gabriel Roa and he told me ‘compa Lupe’ — it was 4am — ‘we have a serious problem, we couldn’t find your sister’s plane,'” Lupillo recalled.

said the singer The Mexican government asked him to speak to someone who knew Jenni Rivera wellas well as their belongings so that they would only speak to that person.

“I called my father: ‘Where are you, There’s a problem, you have to go home, they can’t find Jenni’s plane.‘” Lupillo said.

Lupillo pointed out that until that moment they didn’t know if Jenni had been kidnapped or what had happened.

However, it was later confirmed to them that Jenni Rivera died afterwards They had to travel to Monterrey, where the plane crashed, to do DNA testing and can confirm that it was so The diva of the band.

“The thing with my sister was the most difficult and saddest thing in my life. seeing that look from my dad hoping he would come with my sister and having to tell him my sister died and those are things that are very hard-hitting, and you want to heal, you want to grow, you want to move forward, and you never forget that pain,” Rivera said.

Lupillo said he still feels his sister’s presence and stuff Are you sure it was an accident and not a cause?.

The Mexican singer said that all of Jenni Rivera’s belongings, including bills, were destroyed except for a verse from the Bible that said one had to stand firm and move on because everything would be fine.

“That’s the first thought I have in the morning, but the pain isn’t forgotten, the pain is there,” Lupillo Rivera emphasized during the game interview.

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