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Lupillo Rivera reveals that he took his daughter out of high school: “We have her in other things”

Lupillo Rivera he was the most recent guest on the show pinkypromise, that Karla Díaz leads on YouTube, and there the famous spoke of his career as a successful regional music singer, but also revealed aspects of his personal and family life.

For example, he addressed why he pulled his daughter out of high school: “I told the mother: ‘Don’t bring her back, take her out’, and she hasn’t come back.”Lupillo told the driver’s surprise.

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But first the interpreter of the themes Big leagues Y deck of gold He said that the pandemic worked for him to rest: “Sometimes we artists also need our rest and sometimes one has to pay attention to the body, and that pandemic wave also worked for me as a break.”

Then, he commented that this time of health emergency focused on his family, “I got to know my children better.”

Then, Rivera confessed that he took his daughter out of school: “I have one who is 16 years old, she was in high school and she told me about everything they do in high school, and I said: ‘Get the girl out of school, it’s good that she won’t come back'”.

“They go too far, that is, at that time we were scratching walls and the chin… with a marker, and now the pinch… marker is used for other things,” he explained.

I told the mother: ‘Don’t return her, take her out’, and she hasn’t returned, just online, so we already have her in other things “he added.

Although her daughter was not left without educational training, because “right now he is in Mexico studying actingshe already studied music and everything, so all that stuff works for her”.

The anecdote from minute 22:


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