Lupillo Rivera mocked for not filling the concert (Photo)

Lupillo pokes fun after revealing some of the people who attended a show in Leon.

Guanajuato. lupillo rivera He was teased and made funny comments after being shared on social media photography your recent Presentation at Leon Fair, Guanajuato. The images caused a stir, as they showed low flow in the said event.

Local media reported that although more people arrived hours later, Jenny’s brother did not make it to the venue as expected.

“”There are more people in the mass”

This past July 17 is also known as “El Toro del Corrido”. gave a show In the fair of Leon, Guanajuato, but ability was not what he And his team was waiting.

In social networks, it was shown that the site seemed almost empty. Some fans assured that this was due to the risk that infection of the coronavirus implies, however, others pointed out that her misogynistic behavior This has affected his image and as a result he is taking up his music career.

“There are massively more people”, “there are more people here in the row of carnitas tacos”, “Major League” along with the interpreter were some of the comments destroyed.

Are you still missing Belinda?

something like that Open criticism against Lupillo It was a dedication that he made in his concert. Despite few participating, the singer delighted her audience. Song “King”, But during his presentation he expressed a dedication that is regarded as something a sign He was the fiancé of Christian Nodal.

“That goes for you, little girl,” he said. Riviera Singing Jose Alfredo Jiménez’s iconic theme during his show.

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