Home Entertainment Luna Bella Denounces Her Dad Abused Her And Threatened Her Death (Video)

Luna Bella Denounces Her Dad Abused Her And Threatened Her Death (Video)

Luna bella revela violaciones

The controversial Youtuber, who couldn’t hold back her tears, confessed to being sexually abused by her father.

MEXICO CITY – Beautiful moon drew his followers report that your father He threatened her with death after evicting her entire family from the house she paid for. In one Video Shared on YouTube, the woman revealed that her absence from the video platform was to protect her family and herself.

In her long recording, the Youtuber also described in detail how she became Victim of multiple rapes since I was a child from his father. She also stressed that if she did choose to speak, she wanted to prevent the two underage daughters of her father’s new partner from suffering the same abuse as she did.

“Why am I doing this video? Because I want to tell my truth […] because my life is in danger and because I want to save the lives of two girls who are in this story, “Luna told Bella with tears on her face.

Luna Bella Denounces Her Dad Abused Her And Threatened Her Death (Video) - Light Home News
From the first minutes of her story, the Youtuber could not hold back her tears and “collapsed” (screenshot)

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Luna Bella admits that her father raped her as a child

In the shared recording on YouTube, Beautiful moon revealed that it was so from seven years When her father started raping her, the sexual abuse lasted seven years. All the while, the Youtuber has been pointing out that had to shut upbecause her father threatened to kill her mother.

“I remember one night […] This man came and took a little off my blanket and he started caressing me, I was only 7 years old, I took his hand and he put it back on me, he said to me: “If you say something, I’ll kill your mother”; I said “no don’t let anything happen to my mother” […] I let myself be touched, ”the woman explained sadly.

Tired of abuse by their father Luna Bella decided to run away from home at the age of 14. The Youtuber said she moved to Monterrey with her maternal grandmother, but later her father and the rest of her family settled in the same house.

Luna Bella is scared of ending up in jail or dying

The dancer also said that if before did not disclose the violations that he suffered from his father, whom he identified as José Juan Meléndez Torres, was because I threatened herbecause the man warned her that he will sue her and the publisher who published her autobiography if she makes public all the humiliations he has inflicted on her.

However, Luna Bella decided to speak up – even if it cost her life or her freedom – because she no longer wants her father to harm more people.

“There are many things in this book that I have written, my autobiography […] I don’t know if I’ll end up in jail or if I’m dead, but I’ll talk and I will not be silent because this mean and evil being has threatened me, but no, I will speak anyway, ”said the content creator.

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The Youtuber finds out that they are not a family

In his Video, Luna Bella also said that her father made her life hell, but after that Threats what was done in writing and at gunpoint, Her mother eventually confessed that the man she had called father for 30 years had not really fathered her.

“This man sent a message to my brother and said, ‘Very soon our lives will change, very soon I will remove the ones that don’t fit in and if I want I will send Veronica to the other side if I want.” “If I want to kill her,” explained Luna Bella, who claimed to have evidence for the threat but not the violations, and when she went to the prosecutor’s office they said it was going to be a very long process.

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