Luis Miguel’s daughter’s transformation

MEXICO.-Currently Michelle Salas, Luis Miguel’s daughter, is a famous 31-year-old influential person who also enjoys modeling and who also has her own YouTube channel.

However he began his career in events with his family at a very young age, especially with his grandmother Sylvia Pasqual and great-great-grandmother, Sylvia Pinel. There are also some little known photos of YouTuber.

Ten years ago she was captured at a New York gala, including fellow presenter Daisy Fuentes of Luis Miguel.

Before and after Michelle Salas

Photo: Instagram

Although some find him “almost identical” to his mother, others believe that “this is the face of the sun”, as they say to Luis Miguel.

It evolved over time This has also been seen in many photographs, andAmong those who have recently returned to the subject of user plastic surgery, as they see a more defined face and a slimmer body, and they do not rule out that they have undergone some aesthetic treatment.

Despite criticism and family disputes, the influencer shows parts of his day on his social networks and is now on “small dreams” Macarina AchgA, who gives him life in the series Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel, “Series”

talk about what Luis Miguel An absentee father will work to open up a conversation on a topic that is generalized in Mexico and affects society, Pilar considers Santacruz, who plays with one of the women with whom “El Sol” had children, But she did not attend it for years.

The actress plays Sophia, whose case has been identified as dE Stephanie Salas and her daughter Michelle, About whom the interpreter knew that the little girl was 11 years old.

“It’s still a taboo subject, but one that no one talks about, but because it’s generalized, something that’s super disruptive to our society, it’s a very serious problem that not only those women Produces things that take away everything, but children who grow up in this family environment, ”says Santa Cruz.

Luis Miguel and all these characters are all known, Then the effect it would have on opening this conversation is that we can turn to look at the subject, which is valuable, ”he says.

In the first season

Sophia appeared briefly in the first installment of the series in 2019, in which one scene she and Luis Miguel arrive at a party in the 80s. In this new season, attendance has been seminal. Pilar Santacruz points out that a deep, sophisticated and very daring role was drawn from the script, and that it was not trivial in its essence.

“Always choose love over anything, it is too strong to speak of someone who has human qualities, it tells you about someone who has spiritual growth and more.”

Santacruz has mentioned that he previously had some nerves to play a living character and who could reject treatment in the series. “I got praise for this woman on the grounds that I would lie if I said I never cared because it’s a fantasy. It was a task for me to make her comfortable and calm with my interpretation and that is Was not abusive or intrusive.

“There are still more appearances, the only thing I can say about her is that she will be surprised,” she concludes. Luis Miguel’s second season was directed by Humberto Hinojosa.

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