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Luis Miguel will produce an unreleased music album with lyrics by Carlos Maciaso

Luis Miguel will produce an unreleased music album with lyrics by Carlos Maciaso

Four years after the most recent release of a music album, Luis Miguel would return to the recording studio to prepare a new record material.

The news has been released for more than a month that Sunday’s second season aired Luis Miguel: Series, Distribution that did not generate the same interest as the first part.

Luis Miguel will end his musical drought

However, according to versions spread by journalist Victor Hugo Sanchez on his Intsgaram, there is good news for all fans One of Latin America’s most important singers for over 30 years.

close friends of mexico sunHe said that he has given some time to restart his career, because No Has released new songs from his album mexico forever, of 2017.

song composer

according to the version of Victor Hugo Sanchez the famous singer is already preparing his next material The record company and even already have the names of a few songs that will make it.

Four Years After His Last Release, Luis Miguel Is About To Enter The Studio (Photo: Instagram / @Lmxlm)Four years after his last release, Luis Miguel is about to enter the studio. – Photo Instagram Luis Miguel

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Trusted Producer and Lyricist

The expected return of 51-year-old Luis Miguel to music. will be done by Favorite Producer of Interpreter and Producer of Many of His Big Hits: Kiko Cibrian.

He also partnered with musicians and songwriters from Chiapas. Carlos Macias.

Armando Manzanero recommends Carlos Maciaso

Luis Miguel himself (to Carlos Macias) confirmed that Don Armando Manzanero had recommended him highly Provided that upon the death of Don Armando, sadly, Luis Miguel remembered”.

“He listened to Carlos’ songs and assured him that he was going to record them, that he’s going to return to the recording studio and he’s going to record three songs by Carlos Macias”, the journalist later told the magazine class.

subject to be chosen

‘I’ll be with you’, ‘Lord, after God’ and ‘Forget you, never’, are the topics you have chosen Sun”. Journalist Victor Hugo Sanchez hinted.

and does he Sánchez attends a recital performed by Carlos Macias on the night of Saturday, July 10 At the Holiday Inn Hotel on Avenida Revolución in Mexico City, where he was able to talk with the musician in his dressing room and find out the news.The Journalist Announced The News On His Social Network (Photo: Screenshot)The journalist announced the news on his social network. – Photo Screenshot

Luis Miguel will record on his return from Argentina

Sanchez said it was Saturday, July 10, when Luis Miguel contacted the musician from Chiapaso on a phone call from Argentina to confirm her interest in recording songs by his authorship, and he told her that he would agree to meet her upon his return to Mexico.

In addition, he insisted that Chiapas composers had already worked with great Mexican interpreters, such as Cristian Castro, Manuel Mijares and Emmanuel.

According to Sánchez, possibly the link between the interpreter of it will happen that you don’t love me with Carlos Maciaso Kiko Cibrian was thanked, Great friend of both.