Home Entertainment Luis Miguel was about to lose an arm to “partying”

Luis Miguel was about to lose an arm to “partying”

Luis Miguel casi le amputan el brazo

An allegedly close source revealed that Luis Miguel nearly had his arm amputated, but he was also bankrupt again.

MEXICO. – The life of Luis Miguel continues to interest those who are its fans and not, a media company recently announced that it is The singer was almost never affected by the fact that his arm was amputated. However, it would not have been the only loss that the interpreter of “Suave” would have had to cope with, because again I would be bankrupt.

Despite the complicated situation that the singer might face, it is noted that Luis Miguel hasn’t changedHence, you keep wasting your money.

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Luis Miguel could have lost his arm

An alleged source, close in an interview with TVNotas magazine, revealed that a Luis Miguel almost had an arm amputated to continue to lead a life full of excesses. In addition, the interviewee described how the singer 300 million pesos which he won with the realization of his organic series.

The supposed friend of Luis Miguel noticed that “Mickey” was about to lose an arm after suffer a serious fall to be drunk. After this accident, the singer would have broken left arm and it would even have been necessary to undergo an operation.

The interviewee indicated that the interpreter had “La Inconditional” go to rehab but he never did, preferring to continue his life of excesses.

“You intervened a little and had to undergo a rehabilitation process, but he was very irresponsible and didn’t … He went on as usual, his life full of excesses, alcohol and women; He even traveled to Mexico to protect himself until things got out of hand, ”explained the alleged source nearby.

Due to lack of care Luis Miguel’s arm would have presented Grangrena and because of this, he was on the verge of amputation, although he was able to save his arm after a second operation and rehabilitation.

“At the beginning of November his arm was already gangrenous and threatened to lose it, but he underwent a second operation on his arm and finally agreed to undertake the necessary rehabilitation,” said “his friend” to TvNotas

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Luis Miguel with no money

Another detail from the singer’s life that the alleged source nearby revealed was that the performer of “La Bikina” already did spent the 300 Million pesos got it for “Luis Miguel, the series” from Netflix. The interviewee commented on this Hospital expenses, plus the parties and the luxury to which “El Sol” is used to have returned the singer to be bankrupt.

This situation would make Luis Miguel sad, but “Micky” does not change anything in his controversial lifestyle.

“The money would have flowed into his excesses, women, alcohol and luxury … now life is taking its toll,” said his supposed friend.

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