Luis Miguel confirms a love affair with Alejandra Guzman in a special way

What else happened in chapter 4?

MEXICO. — With the premiere of the third chapter, the rumor was revived Luis Miguel and Alejandra Guzman They must have maintained Secretly a relationship. However, it is “Louis M. I.” himself, which confirms the suspicion that we had for many years.

Was through Fourth chapter of “Luis Miguel, series” In which, in a very “judicious” manner, “El Sol” indicated that he had an affair with the singer, At the same time often Stephanie Salas, Alejandra’s niece and Michelle’s mother, daughter of “Mickey”.

In this way Luis Miguel revealed that he was with ‘La Guzman’

In the new episode it is shown that Luis Miguel He was preparing to record a video for the single “Eyre”. However, Sophie (“Michelle “‘s mother and Stephanie Salas-based character) tells” Mickey “to take care of her daughter for two days. The singer takes the girl home.

In the house of “Luis Mi” and while talking with “Michelle”, the girl tells him that her aunt (Alejandra Guzman) sings about what music she thinks she sings.

“My aunt Alejandra says that all of your music sounds the same,” says the little girl, Luis Miguel, who responds to the comment by saying: “Oh, yes? Well, tell your aunt Alejandra that the other night she… ”, Without finishing the statement, says“ Mikki ”.

This little but Open dialogue Confirms that Luis Miguel and Alejandra were more than acquaintances.

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A more paternal Luis Miguel

How can I go about doing this Summarize the fourth chapterIn which a Luis Miguel who reads stories to his daughter Michelle Salas And it is also capable of skipping the recording of an important Video Go for ice cream with your daughter.

Episode starts Preparing for the release of the 1993 album “Aries” (The first one he made himself and the most expensive until that moment), so “El Sol” is ready Record the video for the single “Eyre”.

However, Things got complicated for the interpreter Because of “Suave”, because for two days he had to record a video to take care of his daughter Michelle. This as a favor asked by Sophie (a character based on Stephanie Salas), who I wanted to attend a party This Following the advice of Alejandra Guzman To leave his daughter with Luis Miguel.

Alejandra Guzman’s character reunited in an episode of the series (screenshot)

The chapter shows how The singer is exaggerated on many occasions Not knowing what to do with the little girl, so in the end Decides to take her to a video recording.

“El Sol” also shows bioseries Luis Miguel read a book to little Michelle So that he sleeps. The book was “Pinocchio” and he shared that his mother had read it to him when he was a child.

The next day of recording, Michelle returns with “Mickey”, but the girl is lost in the location. After this accident, Luis Miguel reprimands the girl and asks her to stop still. The frightened girl simply accepts her father’s orders.

To surprise the audience, “Luis Mi” stops everything and decides to spend the day with Michelle, To show that you are interested in saving your relationship with your daughter.

When Sophie goes to get the girl, she claims everything that happened to Luis Miguel, but the singer and the girl explain to the woman that they can see each other again, he depicts a day and time Is and indicates.

Luis Miguel wants to be with his daughter

In another scene that discusses Luis Miguel breaks up with his daughter, This is shown as he tries to contact her again. She is hurt, so she claims him.

Michelle said, “Why didn’t you see me for 11 years? Do you know that I have spent all the time thinking that it was my fault.

Luismi tells him that Bought a vineyard. “I bought the vineyard because I can’t sing. Do you remember that I told you about the accident? No, well, I didn’t tell you, but the doctors say I never sing like before.” can.” “El Sol”.

Later, he manages to convince her to be with him and in the final minutes of the chapter we see him talking with Mauricio Ambrosi, indicating that something is beginning to emerge between them.

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Fun facts:

It turned out that A. Luis Miguel always loved keeping a mirror To see each other with him. While filming the music video for “Ayer”, the production brings him a full-length mirror.

song There are three versions of “tomorrow” And all of them have been considered the worst of Luis Miguel, including the lyrics.

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