Luis Miguel broke the record on Spotify

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) – With the new season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, not only has the singer’s media popularity increased, but has also consumed his record catalog, a position that has made music stars a musical record. reached at.

Music platform “Streaming” Spotify announced that the singer is the first Mexican to overcome the 5 billion download barrier of her entire musical performances.

It was through its social network that “El Sol” joined the celebration of this record by announcing on its platforms.

To put it in context, the interpreter’s songs have been downloaded by more than 80% of the world’s population, for more than 7.6 billion inhabitants.

Recently, Company S Money revealed the most valuable songs in the world and despite being an Australian company that may seem far away from Mexico, a Luis Miguel song is positioned in its ranking.

This research, titled “The Most Valuable Song From Every Country“, highlighted the economic value of each song for a Kworb platform focused on Spotify numbers.

Currently Luis Miguel is probably the most important Mexican artist, and that is reflected in the study, where the song “Now You Can Go” totals 299 million 811 thousand 47 views on Spotify, monthly it’s more than 11 million listeners .

Some studies estimate that by February this year, their profit is more than one lakh 364 thousand 335 dollars.

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