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Luis Miguel and the song Maria Carrie dedicated to him

MEXICO CITY (L UNIVERSAL). – “After you leave, will you love me again?” Those were the words that Mariah Carey dedicates to Luis Miguel in a song called “After Tonight” when the two singers lived a brutal life that ended with a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears and nervous breakdowns for the American artist.

“After tonight, will you remember that you had asked for my tender and approached me?” After you leave, will you come back to love me, starting to disappear after tonight?

This is perhaps the verse that most repeated itself after finishing with “El Sol” in 2001, a relationship that was considered so strong by fans of both that the two stars of music hit the altar.

The attraction of seeing the two idols attracted many, who sought to capture the couple and follow their romance closely. In “The Marriage of Maria Carrie”, the lecturer’s recent autobiography of “Always Be My Baby”, he did not forget to dedicate a section to Luis Miguel, in which he details the days which are the most incredible of his personal life. . life.

In his publication he described him as an extraordinary man, and it is that he says that he did not pay attention to details and his spontaneity to surprise him.

Audio leak

It was late last year when an audio leaked where the two were flirtatious in a conversation, something that moved many of their followers who remember that romance.

In the audio, Luis Miguel is heard saying to Maria: “Goodbye, bye!”, Which tells the singer to say more phrases in Spanish: “You can say more than this in Spanish”.

Luis Miguel at the insistence tells him: “Well, it’s okay, have a nice night everybody, have a loving kiss, take care, goodbye”, which Mariah Carey takes a lot: “It’s sweet, I call it Love when she speaks Spanish “.

Unfortunately, many pairs of famous, as well as Latin American idols, did not have happy endings in her fairy tale.

After their separation, he had to go to a professional to help him get out of depression, which led to his breakup.

“After Tonight” will remain in memory of many as a symbol of love between them.

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel recorded a version of “After Tonight” together, which never came to public light as it did not reassure Luis Miguel as it turned out. The song is included on the 1999 album “Rainbow”, but does not feature the vocalist. Laura Branigan, Sheena Easton and Rocio Banquels are among the few artists with whom “El Sol” has sung.

Whatever Luis Miguel’s great love could be played in the second season of “Luis Miguel, Series” by British Jade Ave, known for being part of the group Sugarbabs from the United Kingdom.

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