Luis Miguel and Selena Quintanilla, did they have an affair?

Through social networks, a photo began to circulate that shocked and diffused rumors of romance between singers.

Mexico.- Luis Miguel and Selena There were two singers who were in 90s He reached the pinnacle of his career. The success achieved by both of them was always invited to the best events. This is fine in the way that they knew each other.

However, a picture in which the singers are appearing together and smiling.

Did they also have a relationship?

Surprisingly, Unpublished Image It was shared by the actress’s mother Ana de la Reguera. The picture was posted on his Instagram account and immediately sparked controversy. Apart from the fact that netizens questioned whether Had a relationship More than friendship between singers

This speculation has surfaced after this In the second season of “Luis Miguel, Series”, It has been known that The actor had a relationship Patricia Manterola, with Alejandra Guzman … neither of whom had any knowledge, as only rumors were.

However, there are many fans of the “Queen of Tex-Mex” who assure this Selena and “Mikki” They only had a beautiful friendship and they only shared that moment together.

Selena and Luis Miguel series on Netflix

Second part of Selena’s life It premiered on Netflix on May 4, so you can continue to watch the rise of “Queen of Tex-Mex” to become a music legend. The series includes the tragic death of the singer in 1995, at the hands of Yolanda Saldiva.

In form of Luis Miguel series, The second season has also premiered and has four chapters available to date. However, a new one opens every Sunday.

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