Luis Miguel and Sasha Sokol; They force him to go out with her (Photo)

A picture of Memory and a scene depicted in the series “El Sol” have generated theories that Sasha had an uneasy romance with Miguel.

MEXICO.-With each New lesson More mysteries of the intimate life of the singer of “Luis Miguel, Series” are revealed or confirmed.

The premiere of the third episode was no exception, as it then sparked controversy, of course. Fleeting but very emotional The romance that “Mickey” had with Patricia Mantarola, And he categorically denied it in a social media post.

However, that chapter inspired many to remember Luis Miguel had secret relationships with Alejandra Guzman.

But now netizens have turned their attention to him. “El Sol” will accompany Sasha Sokol And how badly they both would have.

Sasha Sokol and Luis Miguel feature romance?

Recently, a photo of Luis Miguel Sasha Sakol This attracted the attention of the trainees. In the image you can see Singer sitting together, But they both look away. It is this apparent inconvenience that has generated the most strange theories.

Luis Miguel reached an award with a member of the Timbirich, Sasha Sakol. The moment was captured in a picture that has aired on the network.

An episode of the series will confirm “Rare” “Mickey” had a relationship with Sasha, Well, one scene shows “Luis Mi” performing without much encouragement, and in a photo session with a young woman (Sasha).

Luis Miguel’s bad attitude, but with constant “appearances” Sasha Sakol Reason to think that both had An interest based relationship To project his music career.

When were you dating

Their romance would have arisen after they were introduced together for the cover of the first issue of ‘Ares’ magazine in September 1988.

Out of this relationship, Rebecca D’Alba would be a witness, because on some occasions she announced that on many occasions she saw Luis Miguel Coming to home Sasha. The presenter was his neighbor, who was a member of Timbirich.

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