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Luis Manuel Ávila remembers his reaction to knowing that it would be Gohan in Dragon Ball

Just a couple of days ago, the cast that would be in charge of dubbing the new film was officially confirmed. Dragon Ball: SuperHero. One of the names that surprised the most was that of Luis Manuel Ávila who would lend his voice to one of the most popular characters in the saga, Gohan.

For several months, andn social networks thousands of users asked him to be the former actor of The P. Luche Familywho will keep the role of Gohan and replace Luis Alfonso Mendoza after his death. The requests were heard and thanks to his talent, Luis Manuel Ávila was selected.

During his first press conference as part of this project, Luis Manuel Ávila spoke a little about this new stage in his career.

“I’m not here to convince anyone. I’m here to have fun, like everything I’ve done, from the beginning. Since I started this career 31 years ago, I have always been happy with what I do. And I want to reflect that on stage,” said the actor when asked about the various criticisms that exist on social networks about the work previously done with Gohan.

The actor also explained that he feels a connection with the character to whom he will lend his voice, since they have a couple of characteristics in common, one of them is that they are both very sentimental.

I am very shrill. So when I heard the news, I cried. But I was much more moved when I received the call from Lalo to tell me that I was the chosen one, “he recalled.

When is Dragon Ball: Super Hero released?

After a long wait, the film will hit theaters in Mexico next Thursday, August 18.​


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