Luis Fonsi, Pachanguero and the Romantic

Madrid (EFE).—Luis Fonsi says of himself that he is “too pachanguero to make pure ballads and too romantic for mere rhythmic themes”, a philosophy that leads him to add a “cable of genres”. moved to the intermediate point. in a different way ”and to turn music into a common language without borders.

It is this formula that inspired him to combine Dominican bachata with reggaeton in his latest musical gambit, the song “Besame”, along with fellow Puerto Rican Maike Towers, and which led him to establish a rapport between Anglo-Saxon and Latin inspired. world with Justin Bieber, with Demi Lovato or, more recently, with Nicole Scherzinger.

“And I would love to work with a K-pop group, because that’s what I love, getting out of my comfort zone, mixing styles, colors, tastes… that’s music,” the Puerto Rican said in a conversation, Joe went on to record a Mandarin version of his worldwide hit “Despacito”.

With the approach of summer, Luis Fonsi now proves to “Bésame” the desire to “kiss people, embrace them and dance together” a reference that is still in force with an epidemic “and which is very important to us In order to celebrate that, especially for Latinos”.

“The world needs dance and fun,” subscribes this musician and artist, who has collaborated with Maike Towers, one of the leading names in Latin urban life, to whom she plays in an elevator during the Billboard Awards. met where they had agreed to work together.

Opportunity presented itself with the subject. “It’s a curious song because it has a lot of bachata influence, but none of us came from there. It’s what shows that music is universal and that you speak the same language when you want to,” they say.

“No one can tell you that you can’t mix bachata with reggaeton with a pop singer, because there are no rules, and that’s what I love about my work,” she says. Claims in its efforts to “connect, with all due respect to pure styles”.

Luis Fonsi confirmed that he does not think about genres, “but about songs and moments.”

But what’s more difficult for you: jumping people on the track or touching their hearts?

“As a musician it’s easy for me to write ballads. With a guitar and an idea, I can score a century in an afternoon, because that’s where I come from. But on stage, I love when ‘achame la culpa ‘ or ‘Despacito’ sounds for the first time and people take out their phones or start dancing. It’s magical for an artist because he feels connected to the masses”, he replies.

That taste for the “ups and downs” of beats is what led him to define himself as a record artist, the format in which he can show the range of his possibilities.

The next one, which will take over from “VIDA” (2019), will likely see the light “later this year”.

“It’s basically ready, with many surprises recorded, and I think it will be very special, because it was done in a different way at a different time and that would be reflected in each song,” he speculates. puts.

in TV

Before that, he would have the opportunity to be seen again in Spain as the “coach” of the “La Voz” talent show, along with Alejandro Sanz, Malu and Pablo Alborán, who open up to the position.

“I love the format and I enjoy it. I’m honored that they’ve opened doors for me again with three great actors and friends, making my job a lot easier. I’ve had an incredible time.” is,” he confirms.

Regarding the possibility that this collusion on set transfers to a future collaboration with one of them, he limits himself to smiling mischievously and responding: “Who knows. Hopefully I can celebrate the music with any of the three and it will reach the studio in the near future.

Luis Fonsi confirmed that he has “collaborated with people” whom he “loves so much” who will see the light of day in the coming months and will allow Luis Fonsi to appear ahead of a tour in Spain this 2021, “One hundred percent”, will call in 2022.

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