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Luis de Alba claimed to be the creator of the word “naco”: “Classists fell in my mother”

Luis de Alba said he was the creator of the word naco Photo: Instagram/@nochedebuenastv

Louis of Alba has established himself over the decades as one of the most renowned comedians in Mexico and has a remarkable career on the screen and on stage for his characters that he developed as an example of Juan Camaney, Maclovio, El Hermano Sol and, of course, the Pirruris.

The latter is a parody of a high-class young man who always shows off his luxuries and belittles others, one of his hallmarks was to call those he considered least as “nacos”and without expecting it over time that word was coined within Mexican homes with great acceptance.

Now, the renowned 77-year-old actor in the most recent video of the golden scorpion, claimed to be the intellectual author of the word: “No (it existed), I invented that one, it’s even in the dictionary”, he confessed in the interview.

Under this tenor, the first actor known outside of public opinion as Luis Alba Garcia made a brief remembrance together with the Golden Scorpion of how his character emerged that participated in the successful comedy of Televisa, The VIP School from the hand of Jorgito del Mazo (Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo), The canuta teacher (Martha Ofelia Galindo) and several more.

“The classists fell in the mother. I from Lagunillero, from Tepiteño and from Garibaldeño, well, you know, with the brave troops. So, I started to make a parody of that type of waves and that’s how I put. They used the word ‘chundo’ to talk about what a naco is, but they were classist”, he remarked about the context in which the word originated

Later he specified that the term ‘naco’ “occurred to him in a ped *” to which he went: “Always the ped * s are creative”, he stressed between laughs together with Alex Montiel, The Golden Scorpion.

It is already commonly used to say ‘You are inept’. (…) The word is born (naco), the character is born (Pirruris), then there are people who do not like being called naco”, he added.

To finish, on several occasions the well-known comedian has delved into the origin of pirruris, Well, he is one of the characters that Mexican audiences ask for the most. Y, more now, with the debate that persists in social networks about discrimination and privilege.

“In an Eduardo Manzano program, which I love with all my soul, gave me the opportunity to start doing comedy, I said: ‘Can I do a parody of the Cinderella story?’, the prince with another wave. He gave me a chance at everything. Then that madr * transcended as you have no idea, then Memo Ochoa invited me in the morning with the character and there he continued, “he concluded.

On the other hand, for Luis de Alba his character from the Pirruris was a watershed for contemporary comedians who have dazzled new digital audiences and, who recently criticized them for the content they have implemented on social networks.

With the prestige of the veteran Mexican comedian He assured that many of them abuse high-sounding words in their comic routines.

This was announced by the veteran humorist in an interview with the Youtuber Margarito Music: “Humorism is humorism, what happens is that there are very good kids, but I don’t know why or who told them that to go on stage you have to go out crying the motherthey are pure rudeness ”, he expressed with notorious annoyance.


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