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Luis de Alba assures that he invented the word naco: “It is already commonly used”

Louis of Alba is a benchmark of comedy in Mexico, and this status was earned mainly by the characters he created and turned into icons of humor, for example: Juan Camaney, Maclovio, the Mouse Crispin and the Pirruris.

In addition, the comedian generated several famous phrases that are still very popular, for example: “I hate him with hate jarocho” and “I am Juan Camaney, I dance tango, I chew gum, I hit hard, I have lots of girls.” And there is even a word that he claims to have invented: naco.

I ‘born’? We explain the origin and meaning of this word

In the most recent video of the Golden Scorpion, De Alba said that this word is one of his creations: “No (it existed), I invented that one, it’s even in the dictionary”.

“I fell in the mad… the classists. I from Lagunillero, from Tepiteño and from Garibaldeño, well, you know, with the brave troops. So, I started to make a parody of that type of waves and that’s how I put it. They used the word chundo to talk about what a naco is, but they were classist”said about the context in which the word originated.

Later, he specified that the term naco “it occurred to me in a ped… that we put on, because peds always… they are always creative”.

“It is already commonly used to say ‘You are inept.’ (…) The word is born (naco), the character is born (Pirruris), then there are people who do not like being called naco”, he added.

Likewise, the comedian spoke of the origin of Pirruris: “In an Eduardo Manzano program, which I love with all my soul, gave me the chance to start doing comedy, I said: ‘Can I do a parody of the Cinderella story? ‘, the prince with another wave. He gave me a chance at everything. So he transcended that mad… since you have no idea, then Memo Ochoa invited me in the morning with the character and there he continued ”.


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