Home Entertainment Lucy Hale Talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 5th Anniversary and New Reboot (Exclusive)

Lucy Hale Talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 5th Anniversary and New Reboot (Exclusive)

Lucy Hale Talks 'Pretty Little Liars' 5th Anniversary and New Reboot (Exclusive)

Lucy Hale thanks for Pretty little liars. ET’s Denny Directo spoke to the 32-year-old actress in support of her new flick. borego, and Hale was shocked to learn that the five-year anniversary of the PLL the final is just around the corner.

“Well now I feel old because I thought it was three years ago. Hale told ET, alluding to the quarantine and persistence Covid-19 pandemic. “I’m confused. Wow. That’s really humiliating.”

Hale starred as Aria Montgomery in the Freeform series from its premiere in 2010 to its finale in June 2017. The experience, she said, “changed my life.”

“[I’m] thankful for. I’m grateful for everything it has brought me,” she said. “I can do all kinds of roles now because of this show. I will never forget that. I will always be grateful for that.”

Back in September 2020, HBO Max announced that it had received a direct order for a new series PLL Series. Titled Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, the show helmed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring will take place in a new city with new mysteries and new Little Liars, but will remain in the PLL Universe. Chandler Kinney, Maia Reficco, Bailee Madison, Zaria and Malia Pyles will star.

“I am looking forward to this new group of girls. I hope things are going well. I really do,” Hale told ET. “I think people want me to get upset about it and I’m happy for them. i want to watch It is exciting.”

As for the advice she would give to the new Little Liars, Hale said, “Just enjoy it. Your life will change. Just record everything. I wasn’t always like this. I was always thinking 10 steps ahead, so I would miss moments. Ride the wave. Stay with good people.”

Given her excitement for the upcoming series, Hale said she would “totally” show up at the reboot if asked. “I mean when they said, ‘Lucy, do you want to play a mother?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not quite that old yet. OK?'” she joked.

For now though, the focus is on Hale borego, which just hit theaters and is available on demand. The thriller follows Hale’s Elly after she is kidnapped in the Borrego desert and has to fight to survive.

“We shot that in Spain. It was an amazing Spanish crew. We had a handful of people from the States and we all rolled up our sleeves and were like, ‘Let’s do this crazy movie,'” she said of the film, which she also produced. “We knew it would be blood, sweat and tears, nights and running. I pulled a muscle in my leg the first day… It was cold, it was hot, it was emotional; just challenging in all the right ways. That’s what made it so rewarding. We had a great time. “

As for what attracted her to the project, Hale said she was “just really moved by the story.”

“I was really moved by Elly’s storyline because I saw a lot of myself in her … I just thought that the characters, who were all so drastically different, all had so much in common,” she told ET. “I just thought that was a beautiful message: people from different walks of life, we’re all hurting and we’re all running away, and we’re all desperate for human connection… I think we forget how much we have in common as people, and I think we need it now more than ever.”

borego is in theaters now and available upon request.


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