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Lucrecia Martel, an intense and audacious artist amidst folklore, rock and video. with

His intensity as an artist is matched by his boldness. Juliet LassoOne of River Plate Music’s most intriguing voices, releases their third album black headA true challenger due to the bandoneons’ original accompaniment and hand-selected repertoire.

During the conversation the artist states, “It’s a different album from what I’m doing, I have four bandoneons with me, which is an audacious formation that has been done very little in tango and with a voice that, I think never” with bugle, at his home in Buenos Aires in Palermo. Lasso will present black head Friday, July 8 and 15 at the CAFF.

The album is directed by double bassist Yuri Venturin, who also directs Orquesta Tipica Fernández Fierro, with Lasso as his vocalist for four years and with whom he recorded two albums (Live You now and always,

Lasso will present his new album in July.  order photo ferdinand

Lasso will present his new album in July. order photo ferdinand

“It was Yuri’s idea to just put together an accompaniment with bandoneons. I was a little intimidated at first, but I liked how we sounded after trying it out. We would make bandoneons act like an orchestra. It’s not the usual way that one listens to a singer’s accompaniment,” Lasso said.

-Is this the way to give the equipment a worthy hero?

It’s such an important tool for our culture and we think it’s so versatile that it wasted in some things outside. Now, Yuri added, in addition to the double bass, percussion with the Nortino box. This is the first of my albums to have a northern color and I have dared to write poetry. Announcementopen with theme black head,

She is a singer who clearly needs to have strong artistic senses and that is what makes her an adventurous artist. For Lasso, this proposition acquired a different form of expression. “In a way, I think the way we put this music together, we get a sound,” he said.

kept a promise


“I’ve lived in Salta for two years and last year we started recording this album. We recorded two songs per trip.”

The album represents a happy reunion between Lasso and composer Venturin. When Lasso decided to move to Salta to be with his partner Lucrecia Martel, he left Fernández Fierro, who said goodbye to him over dinner, where the double bassist suggested making an album. Four years have passed since then and although the pandemic forced the couple to settle in that province, the movement from Lasso Salta to Buenos Aires continued.

“I’ve been living in Salta for two years and last year we started recording this album. It was different in that too black head, because it was recorded bit by bit. For example, we recorded two songs per trip. Something that I had never experienced. You always go in and record the album or almost all of it”, recalled Lasso.

– How was the recording then?

There was a lot of rehearsal. It’s the album I’ve rehearsed the most for, and since it’s orchestrated, there was a lot of teamwork for the nuances, the harmonies… all that structure required a lot of rehearsal. Yuri insisted that I find a higher register and at first I resisted, but in the end I liked how I sounded and besides, doing a lot of rehearsing and recording bit by bit gave me a lot of confidence. found.

Lasso stated that they continued to work hard for these concerts with a line of bandoneons composed of Sofia Calvet, Milagros Caliva, Aylen Paes and Natsuki Nishiyara and Yuri Venturin on double bass. “We want the live sound to sound like a record; What’s more, Walter Chacon is coming with us, a producer who is going to be in the soundtrack”, he said.

"This is the album I rehearsed the most, and since it

“This is the album I rehearsed the most, and since it’s orchestrated, there was a lot of teamwork for nuance, unison…”, commented Lasso.

“It’s a big challenge to do it live on all levels, wind, melodies, high notes,” added the singer. black head “Much as a rock, but I understand that it is not a rock, although it has that energy”.

Regarding the repertoire, Lasso revealed that he chose compositions with Venturin. For example, he suggested my sad butterflyby Daniel Bull, damned heart and some other pearls, all very nice creations, rarely heard i don’t sing for anyonefrom Zitarosa, or call me at dawn, from Guarani, and I proposed to a few others. We agreed on the choice and I think the result is strong poetry with some political content.”

The album’s title relates to the way Lasso feels about the country he belongs to. ,black head This is, for me, a small part of the country I belong to and that wants to protest that idea of ​​a white Argentine that isn’t real and that the city insists on seeing so much of Europe.

A work that proposes an intense climate from the very beginning. “I wanna burn / I wanna burn / In the mirror of your soul / I wanna see myself”lasso sings Announcement, absence leak Deepens that atmosphere, while the Bandonians feed the drama. damned heart confirms where this offer is going; Shelter from that gloomy sound of Bandoneon, accompanied by rebellion, through some of the songs sung with anger, an undoubtedly ideological tone.

Lasso, until 1014.  photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adamic

Lasso, until 1014. photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adamic

In light brown flowersPerhaps the lasso-venturin duo has created an urban coppla that feels like an requisite here. call me at dawn It has a delicate orchestral work that creates a play of chiaroscuro with voice. In Fall the spirit of tango emerges victorious and i don’t sing for anyoneLasso shines as an intense singer without the false postures. my sad butterfly It’s all beauty, the voices as well as the arrangements describe one of the great moments of this album.


Her debut as an actress took place by the age of 21, when she decided to turn to singing. His last work was a musical with a significant participation as a singer, but at the request of the musical director, Alejandro Balbis, he changed theater to singing and began to study with Beatriz Muoz.

He auditioned in Milonga behalf With Julian Peraltale, who suggested that he record with the Estillero ensemble, and from there he began singing with a trio of guitarists composed of Juan Otero, Germán Montaldo and Leandro Angeli.

In 2014 Fernández Fierro entered the Distinguished Orchestra to replace Chino Laborde. Yurui Venturin invited her to be part of a group traveling to Sydney. It was in this environment that Lasso’s voice managed to stand out as one of the interpreters of this new form of tango that the Fernández Fierro orchestra represents so well.

After four years in the orchestra, Lasso left to develop his solo career. From that moment he launched marten (2018) and boiler (2021), both in collaboration with Diego Baiardi and Lisandro Silva Echeverria.

Lasso highlights the differences between these albums and black head, “Everything changed from musical direction to recording technician and this is a change I needed. A variation designed to make me not get bored with what I do; I also think the next album is going to be different black head, A lot of things have happened in recent times that change you.”

That change is accompanied by other personal aspects. “I am turning forty and living in Salta is something else. I was born in Buenos Aires and I have always been aware of the bubble I live in this city and now when I come back I see it very clearly. It’s driving me to attend provincial festivals because of how tired Buenos Aires is. My move is resulting in a transformative experience”, concluded the artist.

information: Juliette Lasso will present Cabeza Negra on Friday, July 8 and 15 at the CAFF, Sánchez de Bustamante 772. Tickets by Passline.com.


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