Home Entertainment Lucia Mendez speculates there was an encounter with Quetzalcoatl (Video)

Lucia Mendez speculates there was an encounter with Quetzalcoatl (Video)

Lucia Mendez speculates there was an encounter with Quetzalcoatl (Video)

The singer assures that she has documented the moment in which she and the pre-Hispanic Lord spoke.

Mexico City.- Lucia Mendez In addition to being a famous actress and singer, she is one of those women in show business who specializes in creating controversial statement. This time the singer surprised by announcing that she has a special encounter.

Although many thought that he probably visited Luis Miguel after his operation, the reality is that Lucia had met someone important, nothing more. a pre-Hispanic deity. he himself told Spoke with Quetzalcoatl.

he asked permission and he allowed

In an interview with the morning newspaper “Hoy”, Lucia Mendez found out that God approached Quetzalcoatl, Well i had to ask permission To start a new project. The singer indicated that in order to meet the god of Mesoamerican culture, she would have to accompany a historian.

The actress explained that The meeting took place in the middle of the mountains Which are very close to Popocatépetl Volcano. There Lucia was able to talk to him and even look the god of winds and rain in his eyes.

“I stand in the middle and say: ‘Quetzalcoatl, please, please, allow me to take this out. You’re not going to believe me, it’s documented, an eagle stood in front of me, looking at me for 16 seconds. He flew away and went,’ the actress explained.

What Lucia Mendez knows that this statement may arouse suspicion, so he claimed that Recording that at some point he can share it to show that what he says is true and that he can Talk to the PreHispanic God.

Who is Quetzalcoatl?

According to world history experts, it is god of winds and rain And the creator of the world and humanity. Quetzalcoatl was the son of the primitive hermaphrodite god Ometeotl. In Aztec mythology he was the brother of Tezcallipoca, Huizilopochtli and Zip Totec.

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