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Lucero tells how the last days of Mijares’ mother were: “she was a strong woman”

Manuel Mijares goes through a period of mourning after the death of his mother, Pilar Moran, happened last week. A few days after the artist shared a farewell message for the woman who gave him life, Lucero also spoke out before the death of his former mother-in-law and recounted how her relationship was while she was married to the singer.

As she passed through the airport, Lucero spoke to the press about the death of her ex-husband’s mother and thanked the Mijares family for the shows of support they have received.

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With the peace of mind that she is resting in peace, that she left in peacebut obviously wishing a lot of strength and early resignation to their children, their grandchildren, “said Lucero before the cameras of Eden Dorantes.

The 53-year-old actress pointed out that she has “many beautiful memories” of Pilar Morán, of whom she highlighted her strength to promote her family and her charismatic personality.

“She was an incredible woman who raised all her children, always She was a strong woman, dancer, pretty, with big eyes… At the end of the day those are the beautiful memories that one stays with and that is what always remains in the minds of those who leave”.

Lucero tells how the last days of Mijares’ mother were

The singer pointed out that she no longer had a close relationship with Pilar Morán after her divorce, but they were always in communication: “Definitely you do not continue to have such close contact when you already separate or divorce, but there was closeness and with the entire in-laws a lot of love always, and for me all the Mijares are my family”.

On how her children live the duel, the singer mentioned: “They are calm too, seeing that their grandmother left in peace, she left calmly. She was probably a little tired already. She was not sick, not really, she lived a full, calm life, always accompanied by all her loved ones, always her grandchildren, children, close to her, but I think it was perhaps time for her to rest”.

Lucero pointed out that in her last moments Pilar Morán was accompanied by her children, grandchildren and her closest loved ones.


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