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Lucero remembered when she became “Sandy” and paid tribute to Olivia Newton-John

(Instagram photo: @luceromexico, @therealonj)

after it transpired the unfortunate death of Olivia Newton-John on August 8 at the age of 73 after three decades fighting breast cancer, artists from all over the world turned to their social networks to express their condolences and remember some moments they shared with the immortal sandy or the indelible meaning of said character in their careers.

Such was the case of Lucero, who in recent hours shared with his almost four million followers on Instagram a nice memory of when she played the career-defining role of Olivia Newton-Jhon on the big screen and that transcended generations thanks to the fact that Vaseline It became a movie classic.

According to the Mexican interpreter, it was several years ago when she had the opportunity to become sandy for a TV show in Brazil. In that occasion was inspired by the iconic look what the late actress wore when she sang You are the one that I want in the 1978 filmthat is, he wore tight black pants and a tight blouse of the same color with a fall on the shoulders, in addition to a blonde wig with disheveled curls.

A few years ago in Brazil I had the joy of doing this musical number that I enjoyed to the fullest characterized as her. Unforgettable moments, unforgettable people.

But that was not all, the protagonist of Mexican melodramas confessed that her admiration for Olivia Newton-John was born when she was a childbecause fortunately he had the opportunity to enjoy Vaseline when it premiered and was part of the euphoria that unleashed in the public. Like many she was impressed with the story of Danny Zuko Y sandyso among his desired gifts for the holidays were the cassettes of the musical.

“Remembering Olivia… when she was 8 years old Vaseline It was without a doubt my favorite movie and I watched it dozens of times. The Three Wise Men brought me the cassettes and it was my favorite gift for a long time. I listened and learned all the songs!” she wrote in his post.

The actress shared the success of "Grease" with John Travolta, her co-star.  (REUTERS/Fred Prouser/File Photo)
The actress shared the success of “Grease” with John Travolta, her co-star. (REUTERS/Fred Prouser/File Photo)

As expected, the comments section was filled with condolences and messages of love for the family and friends of Olivia Newton-John, as well as applause for the Latin American Girlfriend for his spectacular presentation in the Brazilian program.

“He left us wonderful things! It’s always been one of my favs grease, a great movie to always remember! And you beautiful interpreting that great musical”. “That performance was amazing! You our Mexican #Sandy”. “Your voice for Vaseline It’s amazing, it was just what I needed to hear.” “Incredible your voice indeed”. “What better way to remember the great Olivia than with this interpretation jewel, always remembering her”, were some reactions.

Lucero was not the only Mexican star to remember Olivia Newton-John through her social networks, so did Thalía, who uploaded a video where she appears singing summer nights with the deceased interpreter. And it is that the protagonist of María la del barrio coincided with Olivia at an event and did not miss the opportunity to sing her songs.

The Mexican singer fired the protagonist of Grease with the video of both singing.

A dear friend sent me this video! She and I are super fans of Olivia, what a very generously he took us up on his stage to sing #summernights with her! I also share a bit of my personal story with Sandy, Grease/ Vaselina and some beautiful moments in life. We love you @therealonj

““Thank you Olivia for so much! For accompanying us with your voice, with your smile and for showing us your courage and strength for so many years clinging to this beautiful life. We love you and we will always remember you #OliviaNewtonJohn”, he added in his publication of Instagram.


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