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Lucero is in mourning after the death of her ex-mother-in-law, Mijares’ mother

  • The Mexican singer spoke about the death of Mijares’ mother
  • Make known the support you have been giving your ex-husband
  • How did they take the news?

Lucero is in mourning. The Mexican singer is in mourning after the unexpected news of the death of her ex-mother-in-law, Mijares confirmed the death of her mother on September 7, and made a publication on her official Instagram account.

For her part, Lucero was seen at an airport where she gave some statements about the death of her former mother-in-law, and confirmed several suspicions. The fans for her part were waiting for the singer to reveal if she had communication with her husband, Mijares.

Lucero is in mourning: This is how Mijares made it known

Lucero is in mourning

Through his Instagram account, the singer expressed: “On behalf of the Mijares Morán family and myself, we thank all of you for your expressions of affection and support at this time due to the recent death of my dear mother,” it could be read in the publication of Manuel Mijares that reached more than 27 thousand reactions.

“Comforted in his company we thank God for his wonderful life and example. #warrior tireless #exampleoflife”, wrote the singer of “The privilege of loving”, now while Mijares is in mourning, Lucero went out to make some statements. Filed Under: Lucero is in mourning

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