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Lucero admits that she doesn’t like that Mijares sings ‘If you had me’: “cut him off, my guy”

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bright Star Y Manuel Mijares They have an excellent relationship of friendship, so they did not hesitate to embark on a tour together called Until it was done to us. During the concerts included in the tour, the artist performs If you had meHowever, Lucero confessed that she does not like that song of her ex-husband.

In an interview for the show the sun comes outl, the protagonist of Alborada spoke of the jokes that are played with Mijares on stage or the ironic comments that she usually makes when she interprets If you had me, a song that is rumored to have been dedicated by Mijares to Lucero, since it was released shortly after of their divorce and the lyrics refer to a breakup.

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“We make jokes when he suddenly sings those songs that I don’t like like ‘If you had me’and then people are happy because some say that they like it, others that they don’t, others say that I sing it, others that I don’t,” said Lucero.

She mentioned that she sometimes agrees to sing it with her ex-husband, but has also refused to do so: “So, sometimes, we end up singing it together, and sometimes I arrive and tell him: ‘Cut it out, my guy'”.

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He pointed out that he would not kiss Mijares although fans usually ask for it at their concert. In addition, he spoke of the intermittent participations that his daughter has had, Luceritoat his concert.

“Of course they yell ‘kiss, kiss,’ and we say, ‘why?’ (…) Sometimes he goes (Lucerito) and sometimes he doesn’t, right now he’s doing his school stuff, in his classes, in his subjects, but sometimes he cheers up and goes with us, so let’s see if it reaches us and she is encouraged to go to some of the shows because in the end she also loves it and people like to see it, “he added.

The actress stated that It has been a “very fun” experience return to the stage with Mijares. He also pointed out that jokes are a key point of the show for the public to have a good time.

“Most understand very well that when we make jokes, obviously that’s it, it’s a joke, and it’s wanting people to be entertained, to have fun.”

Due to the success of the show, Lucero and Mijares will give another concert at the National Auditorium on September 4. “We did very well in the previous two, in June, so now this third date has been opened,” she said.


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