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Lucerito Mijares: Who would be Mijares and Lucero’s daughter’s boyfriend?

Novio de Lucerito Mijares

Does Lucerito Mijares already have a boyfriend? The singer’s daughter has dedicated several “I love you” to a famous Tiktokero.

MEXICO CITY – Lucerito mijares He understood how to fit into the musical tastes of Mexicans, thanks to his collaboration with his parents Manuel Mijares and Lucero, the young woman has shown that she has inherited the vocal talent from both of them.

Although it also “took” the charisma, just like has bragged about every presentation or event she attends and has her in the crosshairs of a. placed tick Tock, who would apparently have become Your sentimental partner.

The message from Friend of the daughter of Mijares and Lucero caused a stir, and although so far Lucerito It has not made up its mind on the matter, this news would be a fact to be confirmed soon.

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Who is Lucerito Mijares’s boyfriend?

It was the social networks that did Lucerito mijares surprised his followers – and certainly his parents, the singers Manuel Mijares and Lucero – by sharing one photography in which he poses very happy next to a mysterious young man they claim he is her boyfriend.

Yet, Lucerito mijareswho identified his companion as posted and tagged Emiliano Gatica This is not new on the 16-year-old’s Instagram. The singer has done live broadcasts with him on previous occasions.

Although on the occasions they were seen together they had no suspicion of one Engagement, now things seem to have changed, as near sources assure you Lucerito and Emiliano You have an accomplice attitude.

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The alleged boyfriend of Lucerito Mijares has expressed his love for her

In July 2021, Emiliano Gatica in one Video in which he is shown accompanied by the daughter of the interpreter of “El Privilegio de amar” said that Lucerito mijares it was one of his Favorite people in the world, to this token of love, the young singer replied with: “Tea amooo”.

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Who is Emiliano Gatica?

Is a 19 year old young man who managed to stand out on TikTok through the videos he shared, which thanks to his almost 300,000 followers are tending to become a trend. Emiliano Gatica He is also a character on Instagram, a social network where he has more than 9,000 fans.

Like Lucerito mijares, Emiliano Gatica He demonstrated his vocal talents when he recently covered the song “It’ll be okay” by Shawn Mendes, which triggered reactions and comments.

The friend of the Daughter of Manuel Mijares and Lucero He is also the grandson of the Chilean singer and songwriter Lucho Gatica, “The King of Bolero”. Also the actor Luis Gaticawho stood out in soap operas like “Marimar” or “Rubí” is his uncle.

It should be noted that so far neither Lucerito mijares neither Emiliano Gatica commented on the rumors, but fans of both are very excited to see the Dating suspicions are true because they are seen more every day together.

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