Home Entertainment Lucerito Mijares imitates his mother to provoke laughter (VIDEO)

Lucerito Mijares imitates his mother to provoke laughter (VIDEO)

Lucerito Mijares imitates his mother to provoke laughter (VIDEO)

The singer’s daughter has shown a comic talent as well as a brilliant voice.

Mexico City.- Lucerito Mijares inherits his mother’s good humor and displayed it again by sharing Video who spread laughter and admiration for them Good simulation. Although the young woman recently got into social networks, her funny publications made her a favorite in a short time.

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Who sings it best?

Through a video posted on TikTok, Lucerito claimed how much fun he had with the actor Gerry Perez Brown, While performing one of his mother’s biggest hits, the so-called “America’s Girlfriend”.

In the clip, which is visible One of the dressing rooms of the Hidalgo Theater, To appear Lucero wearing a curly wig, who went into the rhythm “Tell me”, Copy characteristic movement headlong from your mother while in his youth gerry still featuring Like a cachael (dancer) from “La Caula de las Locas”, makes her another sound and act out the lyrics of the song.

Appearance of Lucero Mijares in the play in which he stars Gerry Seems to be one of the young lady’s favourites, as shared by many of the actors in the cast. pictures and videos with him At different times, such figures as Eden Pintos, Rubén Branco, Rogelio Suárez and even Michelle Rodriguez, who although not a part of the show, are a prominent figure within the theatrical union.

But without a doubt, the one who has become a friend of Mijares’ daughter is gerry perez, which always uploads videos in which Lucerito makes the most of his comic vision.

An artistic career apart from your mother?

Some fans have commented that May Lucerito follow the path of Angelica Vale, She has also revealed how talented she is and not only because of the legacy of her famous parents, Lucero and Manuel Mijares, but also because of her own merit.

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