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Luann de Lesseps Shut Down Reports She’s Working With ‘Ronnie’, Supports Ramona Singer’s Return (Exclusive)

Luan de Lesseps isn’t giving away his apple just yet—at least not by choice.

real housewives of new york city Ozzy says he is not aware that tabloid reports claim he was not interested in returning Rhony (for its recently announced spinoff series featuring the legacy cast), because they are not true.

“It couldn’t be further from the truth,” she declares. “Listen, I love Ozzy. I love girls. So why wouldn’t I want the show?”

“and he is If They asked me back,” she adds. “So who knows who they’re bringing back, but I’d definitely do the show if they asked me back for sure.”

Late last month, Bravo announced real housewives of new york city Two will return as shows: one a full reboot of the major series with a (seemingly) all-new cast, the other a spinoff focused on fan-favorite “Wives From The Years.” This move appears to be the answer to the lack of network Rhony In its 13th season, which aired its finale in September. The season ended with a laugh, which was Bravo’s first housewives To No Film a set of reunion episodes with the ladies. The decision came after ratings faltered during the season, as fan backlash grew weeks later due to concerns over conversations ranging from “problematic” cast members to COVID, racism and more.

“I was just as surprised as anyone else,” admits Luan. “I didn’t see him coming. It really came out of left field for me. But after talking to the production more [Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen]I thought, that’s a good idea because look, I think success ultimate girls trip weighed in on it.”

After filming season 13 of RhonyLuann and her fellow apple holder Ramona Singer filmed The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip — First in mash-up/crossover series real housewives The universe, which saw women from all franchises come together for a one-of-a-kind holiday, broke the fourth wall to share stories behind Show.

“I think it was so successful that people want to see Ozzy,” Luann speculated. “They want to see girls who have been around, who know each other, who have real friendships, that are organic and real. And I feel like that when you try to introduce guys to new people.” Doesn’t really fit with them. Stays, doesn’t make any sense.”

Ebony K.  Williams joins the cast of The Real Housewives of New York City for Season 13.
Sophie Holland / Bravo

It seems that Luan is referencing young women associating Rhony The cast changed over the past few seasons, most notably Leah McSweeney in Season 12 and Williams of Ebony in Season 13. Neither’ wife had a biological relationship with any of the cast; The lack of history as well as a lack of common interests and lived experience contributed to some awkward moments for the ensemble.

“I’m thrilled to be able to film with all my old girlfriends,” Luann continues. “I mean, what could be better for me than to be surrounded by all my old girlfriends? So I’m happy about that. I think they’re casting another, a multicultural artist, I think it’s Good. And I think it’s a different take. In New York and let’s see what happens. The proof will be in the pudding.”

a common criticism during RhonyThis is because it did not properly represent New York City, given most of its season, the cast consisted of white women living in the Upper East Side. Bravo makes it known that the goal of the next iteration is to right the so-called wrong. Casting is underway to find the next generation of housewivesLuann gives some advice to future reality stars.

“For me, being authentic is the most important thing,” she offers. “Just who you are. I think people try to overshoot who they are and I think the camera doesn’t lie. So I think just being honest, being yourself and being fabulous is all that.” you need to know.”

Who will appear on the spinoff, tentatively titled Ronnie: Throwback, Luann wants Jill Jarin, Kelly Bensimon and Dorinda Medley by her side. She will also take on Ramona, even though she has proved to be the most controversial performer in the eyes of the audience.

Ramona Singer and Luann De Lesseps dance on The Real Housewives of New York City
Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“Listen, Ramona has been around since the beginning,” she notes. “Ramona is someone we love to love, and we love to hate sometimes, but I think that’s important. You always have to have those people as part of the cast. She always puts it on She’s always doing something to keep her feet in her mouth, and that’s what we love about her — and in the end, Ramona has a heart of gold and I think she should stick with it.”

With reports that Luann was not interested in returning Rhony A possible deal was mentioned for a show of his own on E!, Bravo’s sister network. pressuring those claims by housewives Alumni Teddy Mellencamp and Tamra Judge on their podcast, two tees in a pod, Luan simply said, “I can’t confirm.” While Luann is still silent on the alleged deal, he is looking forward to shooting the TV project of his dreams as a . accepts outside housewives There is a talk show.

“I love the ensemble cast,” she teases. “So, I Love to talk. … How much fun would it be talking with a bunch of housewives? … talking about topics that are important to our demographic women our age, and talking about all kinds of topics that only housewives can talk about!”

during his housewives Run, Luann learned how to open up and “go there” when it comes to sharing. While she attempted to defend her curated “Countess” image in her early seasons, she has liberated over the years and lets viewers experience the ups and downs of her life with her. Since a headline-making arrest in Palm Beach, Florida, in December 2017, Luann’s relationship with alcohol has been a bit of a tale in her story. The legal encounter sets Luann on and off the journey through sobriety. Wagon. She recently had a “slip-up,” as she calls it, taking out the microphone at a bar after drinking champagne one night.

“It’s hard enough, taking it day in and day out and dealing with it in moderation without seeing the whole world,” says Luan. “But what people don’t understand is, I’ve done well over the years. I mean, I did ultimate girls trip serious. I did last season housewives serious. So, it’s been a very quiet time for me – and even during the pandemic, when most people were drinking too much, I still haven’t been drinking. So, sure, I tripped. I own it, and it is part of my journey, and it is progress, not perfection. And that’s what I talk about. My ultimate goal is not to drink alcohol.”

“At this point, it’s like, it happened to me and it was another wake-up call,” she adds. “It’s a teaching moment, and it’s about learning from the things we do and growing from them. And so I look at it — and I know it sounds crazy — as a gift in a certain way.” in because it got me to stop dead in my tracks.”

Luann says that keeping an eye on her everywhere holds her accountable to a certain extent. “I am human and as a human being, I fall off the wagon,” she says. “And so I’m happy to say that I’m back and I’m actually happier when I’m not drinking Lou.”

She focuses on her brand new cabaret show “Happier Lou”, the latest in her live stage show, which she first launched during Season 10. Rhony, This time, Luann is hitting the road alone – no special guests, just Lu.

“It’s been a long [filming] Break for us and I’m enjoying a lot of downtime, but I’m getting ready for my cabaret show now.”

“I’m just excited to spread the joy and spread the new song [‘F Bombs on the G’] Go around and talk about what’s going on in my life.” And it’s like you’re in my living room, and you’re over for dinner, and you’re going to hear some stories. You You’re going to listen to some music, and you’re going to hear some jokes.”

While this phase of her tour is just beginning, Luann is not holding off on the idea of ​​joining forces with her. Rhony co-star, Sonja Morgan, who has launched her comedy tour.

“Oh dear me!” She shudders at the mention of the idea. “Well, I can’t see why No It happens because Sonja and I make a great couple. Sure, why not? Maybe someday in the future.”

For now, she’s (kind of) collaborating with a different classmate, Dorinda. Both Fanaply and photographer Ezequiel De La Rosa are part of the “Oh Merlin” NFT collection.

“You know what? I really didn’t know she was doing this!” Luan gives the slip. “I know I did mine before, I think she did one after me. So I didn’t know she was already on the NFT list, but I’m so glad she is because Dorinda in this project It’s great to be a part of and it’s all about women. So it’s great.”

Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley star in Oh Merlin NXT campaign in partnership with Fanpli

Stars including Luann and Dorinda in this project turn into the iconic Marilyn Monroe for a series of one-of-a-kind NFTs in honor of Women’s History Month. The auctions for the pieces — which include brand new artwork, physical prints and even an opportunity for fans to meet their favorite housewife via Zoom — all benefit The Helping Angels, a non-profit women’s organization. Huh. Fans can access and bid on NFTs and experiences here.

“Ezequiel is a very good friend of mine, the photographer,” said Luan. “He took so many beautiful pictures of me and we did photo shoots together and he called me and he said, ‘Would you like to do NFTs?’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’ve never done this before. This is my first.’ And he said, ‘I’m doing the whole thing on Marilyn Monroe and how everyone has found their inner Marilyn, and it’s for a great cause!’ So, I was like, I can totally vibe with an inner Marilyn! I’ve got her here somewhere.”

“It’s like, ‘Make me into Marilyn Monroe?’ I’m going to say no!” she adds. “It was great to be in the studio.”

For tickets to Luan’s Cabaret tour, visit his website, Her non-alcoholic alternative drink, Fosse, is also available to buy here,

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