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Luann de Lesseps from RHUGT on introducing other housewives to the ‘Ramona-Coaster’ and the future of ‘RHONY’

Luann de Lesseps from RHUGT on introducing other housewives to the 'Ramona-Coaster' and the future of 'RHONY'

Luann de Lesseps enjoys watching others Real housewives Stars experience the, well, experience that the “Ramona-Coaster” is when shooting The ultimate housewives’ girls trip with her The real housewives of New York City Actress, Ramona Singer.

“It was great,” cracks Luann over the video chat to ET. “It was great because I’ve gotten so used to their behavior that it almost blows over my head now that my music says, ‘The little things can get you down, so it’s best to wipe them off. Chic c’est la vie, c’est bonne, c’est bonne … ‘”

“It was kind of cool to watch the other women as they experienced and digested Ramona,” she continues. “She is put in her place more than once and it was just interesting to watch the dynamics between the other women and to make them aware of their things and from the beginning – there were F-bombs on the G4!”

As fans already know (the first three episodes of RHUGT dropped off at Peacock overnight), Ramona was on the wrong foot with almost everyone on the trip, was looking for the best room (as she is used to) in the shared apartment, called The real housewives of AtlantaKenya Moore is a “B *** h” and with a false name (Porsha, as long-standing in Porsha Williams, Kenya RHOA Rival), comparative The real New Jersey housewives Star Teresa Giudice to Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz (as in, she has no brain) and owes the success of it all Real housewives Franchise.

The spate of bad behavior is not exactly unexpected RHONY OG, but for the 64-year-old it is piled up on an already competitive time. Ultimate girls trip premiered shortly after Ramona was at the center of a media firestorm, racism allegations against co-star Eboni K. Williams, RHONY‘s first black performer to make headlines in a number of tabloids. Ramona has denied the allegations, but some viewers continue to question her intentions; the fact that she called a black costar RHUGT another black woman’s name (more than once) doesn’t exactly help.

The Cast Of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 1
Peacock / bravo

“I definitely hope so [she’s watching and learning]’says Luann of her longtime onscreen buddy. Can Ramona grow and change? This has yet to be seen – or this has yet to be seen after we see what happens on the show, you get what I mean? That remains to be seen, I should say. “

It remains to be seen whether the fans will also see this on television. The real housewives of New York City is at a turning point for the show, “pausing” for a beat before stepping into what Housewives Executive producer Andy Cohen calls it “repair mode”. The series dropped in ratings on season 13, which the cast filmed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the season was focused on race-related conversations that never seemed to go well (Ramona walked away from more than one discussion). Then a belated reunion turned into a canceled reunion, for the first time in the United States Housewives The series did not have an all-cast, postseason sit-down special.

“We didn’t see each other again, of course I was disappointed, but I had the feeling that we ended well and then too much time passed and it made no sense and whatever,” reflects Luann. “So I’m looking forward to the next season. And then again with a strong line-up.”

Bravo has yet to say who from the Season 13 lineup – Luann, Ramona, Eboni, Sonja Morgan and Leah McSweeney – will or will not be returning for Season 14, but Luann seems hopeful that she will stick with it.

“It’s all speculation,” she says of every shock. “I always say that year after year I never know if I’ll be back. I think the show has the privilege of following my life and I live my life. My life is not the show. And I think you understand “meanwhile. And I think this really is the kiss of death when the show becomes your life. It doesn’t get interesting anymore. And so from year to year I keep saying that if I cross the bridge I’ll reach the bridge, but right now I’m very busy, darling, with work. And I know we have a great season ahead of us. And that’s why I’m looking forward to it. “

Luann also quickly kibosht that she and the rest of the RHONY Cast freeze Eboni.

Eboni K. Williams Joins The Cast Of The Real Housewives Of New York City For Season 13.
Sophie Holland / Bravo

“I do not have anything [against] Eboni and I wish her all the best, ”she said. “I texted her and invited her to my Christmas show. You know, everyone’s coming to the Christmas show, it’s the holidays. It’s women who support women, women who support the Fortune Society, women who come together to celebrate. After what we’ve been through, I think it’s a time to celebrate. “

This Christmas show is Luann’s latest cabaret tour, A very Countess Christmas, play selected dates all year round. The brand new thematic production includes updated versions of their singles catalog as well as their recently released vacation track.What do I wish for Christmas?“Which shows the vocal styles of her season 13 co-stars. The music video also features appearances by members of the Fortune Society, a charity that helps previously incarcerated women get back on their feet. The proceeds from the single will benefit society’s efforts.

“It’s a family show, it’s for everyone,” she teases the new tour. “I’m sold out really fast and I’m really excited. Couldn’t be happier.”

For fans who can’t make it to one of Luann’s tour stops, she is hosting a virtual concert experience on December 7th, which will be broadcast live from 54Below in New York City.

There is of course plenty to see too Ultimate girls trip continues to roll out episodes on Peacock.

“I thought it was cool,” she says of filming with other “all-star” housewives. “I think it’s really interesting to break through the fourth wall and see what really bothers us, what we like about the show, what we don’t like about the show. And so it gives the audience a further glimpse into our lives and our life is actually a housewife. “

“What surprised me the most was that as women we are all connected in a certain way because we are doing the same kind of show in different cities and how similar we are in so many ways. It is not always simple.” She adds. “And I think by sharing our experiences and talking about them, traveling together and spending so much time together, we really got to know each other better. And we’ve really identified ourselves in terms of what we all pass through as housewives. “

Luann says she got away with new friendships. There’s even a group text with the cast!

“You know, I didn’t know Kyle [Richards] good at all, “she says RHOBH Star. “So I thought Kyle might be a bit snooty and she really wasn’t. It was really funny – actually … Yes, really funny – we laughed a lot. Very down to earth and full of its own problems with life as a housewife etc. And Kenya surprised me because I thought, ‘I’m going to get a lot of shadows from this one,’ you know? But we actually got along very well. So there were a lot of nice surprises because I was probably the most fearful about Kenya. “

The Cast Of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Enjoy A Night Out Together

The trailer for the season teases a lot of drama, much of which goes down on catamarans and yachts. When asked if housewives should stay away from the water (as Luann still had her own rocky experiences) RHUGT, with an unforgettable engagement party and a “boat trip from hell” RHONY), Luann pulls out one of her catchphrases: “Never! We got the yacht.”

“Look, when you have so many women together there is always going to be some kind of drama, especially when it comes to being on a boat,” she notes. “It’s a journey like no other Housewives Trip, really. “

The first three episodes of The ultimate housewives’ girls trip are now streaming on Peacock, with new episodes released every Thursday. Further information on Luann’s cabaret show and her soon to be released non-alcoholic, sparkling “Faux Rosé” drink Fosé, have a look on your website.


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