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Low Instincts director says Sharon Stone is lying

Low Instincts director says Sharon Stone is lying

It will soon be thirty years since the premiere of Low instincts and the film continues to generate controversy. The film starring Sharon stone Y Michael Douglas It did not go unnoticed at the time, especially by the audacious scene in which the actress crosses her legs, during an interrogation, and it can be seen that she was not wearing underwear.

Director Paul verhoevenTaking advantage of her time at the Cannes Festival, she came out to deny Stone, who had accused him of having tricked her into filming that scene. Sharply, the director assured: “She gave me her underwear and my wife washed it,” according to the version given to the newspaper. ABC.

The Dutch Verhoeven is in Cannes to present his latest work, Benedetta, and what better than to have all the press listening to respond to the actress. According to Stone, as she recounted in her autobiography, she had felt betrayed by the director in order to make the famous scene of the crossing of the legs. However, Verhoeven was annoyed by that statement and gave his version, in great detail.

Paul Verhoeven At The Cannes Film Festival With The Stars Of His Latest Film, &Quot;Benedetta&Quot;, Virginie Efira And Daphne Patakia.  Photo: Ap

Paul Verhoeven at the Cannes Film Festival with the stars of his latest film, “Benedetta”, Virginie Efira and Daphne Patakia. Photo: AP

“I’m not surprised that she mentioned me, she has been lying for 30 years,” said the director. “Although we get along well and I continually tell her that she has a different memory than I do.” Determined to deny Sharon’s version, Verhoeven added an anecdote to the situation to support his position.

“My memory is superior to hers”

“I would tell you that my memory is superior. She knew exactly what I was doing, how I was going to shoot that scene without knowing it. It is impossible. It is true that she took off her underwear and an interesting detail that she omits is that she gave it to me as a gift. And my wife washed them. I’m not making this up. It’s true, “he says.

In his book The Beauty of Living Twice), the actress is unrepentant for filming that movie and, in particular, the controversial scene. “I am very proud,” she assures.

Verhoeven Claims He Gave Sharon'S Underwear To Wash For His Wife.  Photo Efe

Verhoeven claims he gave Sharon’s underwear to wash for his wife. Photo EFE

But the director seems willing to go against him with his own version of what happened almost three decades ago. “Now she says that she felt betrayed. That she slapped me, which she never did. Then I thought and came to the conclusion: ‘If I were the director and I had that scene, would I show it?‘. And I said to myself: ‘Of course I would use it.’ So I decided it was okay, “says Verhoeven.

As if to confirm that his actions were correct, Verhoeven assures that the same will not happen, in twenty years, with the protagonists of Benedetta, which also has several nude scenes. “I gave them the script, we spoke before filming and I asked them if they wanted an intimacy coordinator. That was it. There was no need to talk about nudity. In my present there is no shame,” he said.

With The Ice Pick.  Stone, In A Crucial Scene From The Director

With the ice pick. Stone, in a crucial scene from the director’s film “The avenger of the future” (where she also worked). Photo Clarín Archive

The film recreates the intimate relationship between two nuns in a convent in 17th century Italy, in which eroticism is not lacking and it stars Charlotte Rampling, Virginie Efira and Daphne Patakia.

Controversial and disruptive, Verhoeven, 82, has already filmed several films with themes that jeopardize religious values. “I don’t want to make a movie ‘about’ Jesus, I’m working in France and I want to make a thriller about Washington. That’s my hope,” he explained. “The masters of Dutch painting created their best pieces when they turned 80, so I hope my best film is yet to come,” he confessed.