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Lover throws an additional Dr. Simi stuffed animal at Café Tacvba, this is how they reacted this time

A few of months back, Café Tacvba the moment once more experienced the highlight on social networks pointing at themjust as it experienced not took place for several years, even so, it was not due to the fact of the premiere of a music or because of a little something salvageable from its presentation in Belgium, but since hundreds of individuals were being outraged that Rubén Albarrán, vocalist of the band, will wipe out a Dr. Simi stuffed animal that experienced been thrown on to the phase.

Severe criticism was gained by the Mexican group soon after declaring that they publicly hated Dr. Simi, but the remarks in opposition to him from enthusiasts have been not focused on contempt for the character, but on the negative reception they experienced with the present that one particular of the attendees experienced launched, remembering that the lyrics of Café Tacvba commonly communicate about enjoy.

Café Tacvba in the Centennial Coliseum of Torreón.  (Martin Pineapple Reta)

Café Tacvba in the Centennial Coliseum of Torreón. (Martin Pineapple Reta)

History recurring itself on November 12, as the Mexican team done at the Centennial Coliseum in Torreón, In a movie shared on social networks, you can see how a young man introduced a Dr. Simi stuffed animal to the Café Tacvba live performance with the intention that it will reach the stage.

In the online video uploaded to TikTok by the person @labojo a boy can be witnessed throwing a Dr. Simi stuffed animal on to the major phaseon the other hand, thanks to the length, he did not handle to get that significantly and remained among the other attendees.

“Tacuba Coffee in Torreon. A Simi Medical professional to greet him. Buuu, it did not get there but we lagoons get the job done as a workforce, ”he wrote in his video clip shared on TikTok. As can be observed in the clip, a person of the attendees understood what had took place and picked up the stuffed animal to throw it immediately at the feet of Rubén Albarrán.

Although many envisioned a different indignant reaction from the singer, Rubén Albarrán only ignored the stuffed animal that was on stage regardless of possessing it in front of himjust at that instant he took the mobile mobile phone of one of his fans and took a picture with the public.

It ought to be observed that the area closest to the Café Tacvba stage was virtually empty, one thing that consumers of social networks did not overlook and strongly criticized, making sure that its golden age was remaining behind.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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