'Love Is Blind': Jessica Says Amber And Barnett Blocked Her On Social Media After Reunion Party (Exclusive)

Jessica Batten shares her version of what happened during filming Love is blind: after the altar.

The cast of season 1 of the hit Netflix show, Love is blind, recently reunited for a two-year anniversary party celebrating Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed, and Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike. While the night was filled with laughter and catch-up between couples and singles, it certainly wasn’t without drama.

“It was definitely difficult to see much of that reproduced, but I have to say that I am very proud of myself for coming full circle and having the courage to get in there,” Jessica told ET’s Rachel Smith. “It was a big decision for me to go back to the show. It was something I wanted to put in the past, but I felt like I wanted to tell my story and get through the last year and a half.”

“I really had to trust myself and a lot of strong people around me,” she added. “I thought I owed it to everyone for going back there and speaking in peace.”

Jessica, who fell hard in love with Barnett in the pods, tried to make amends with her old crush and his wife, Amber, by giving them an anniversary gift: a Tiffany bag of champagne flutes. However, Barnett decided not to accept the gift, which made things extremely awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

“I really didn’t [expect an issue]. It took me by surprise, “Jessica confessed, admitting that she took the gift home and kept it for herself.” I come to parties with gifts and the first thing I wanted to do was address them. It’s your party, it’s your celebration. “

“Obviously I knew they’re not my biggest fans. It was in my heart to reach out to them and let them know, ‘Hey, it’s been so long. I’m happy for all of you,'” he continued. “I’ve worked through all my emotions. They’ve put me in the press and it’s been a long time since that. So yeah, I gave them the gift and I wasn’t expecting this. Probably the most awkward moment of my entire life. I’m standing there. , holding this bag, and [Barnett] he just wouldn’t grab the bag. It was pretty embarrassing. “

Jessica revealed that she has not had any communication with Amber or Barnett since the party.

“I don’t have their information and they have blocked me on social media, so I don’t have a way to reach them,” he shared. “They’ve blocked me, so I can’t see anything they post.”

“I really have nothing negative to say to you,” he added. “Hopefully they can get to a place where they can recognize that I exist in this world. I think that was probably the most painful thing.”

From season 1 of Love is blind Wrapped up, Jessica has struck up an affair with Benjamin McGrath, a California foot and ankle surgeon who calls himself “Doctor Ben” on Instagram. Amber claimed in her own interview with ET that Jessica’s new boyfriend was texting Barnett, saying, “That was a really awkward situation. Neither of us has left us.”

“Yeah that’s true,” Jessica confirmed to ET. “Ben becomes very protective of me. He knew the truth … he was very into it. He said, ‘Baby, how can we fix this?’ He has always wanted people to see me for the me that he sees. “

“I can’t even remember what the context of that was, but he texted him. I didn’t know and then he said, ‘Honey, I did something,'” she continued. “He thought I was going to get mad, but I thought it was actually really sweet that I tried. He said, ‘I just wanted to solve a problem. I just wanted to fix this for you.’

Jessica said she purposely didn’t take Ben with her to After the altar because they agreed that it would be best for her to go alone.

“I love our relationship. As much as I would love to share it, the hate I received from that first show was difficult, but I was also able to see it for what it was,” he explained. “If I had people commenting on my relationship, I would take it very seriously, so it’s not something we want to publicly display. Also, what was most important to us was that I go back to that room of people alone. Because the narrative What I would like to try to change is that happiness is a relationship, or happiness ends in marriage and family. “

“Last year, although I love my relationship and it has been very good to have it, I managed to get by on my own and getting into trouble myself,” she added. “So it was very important to me, and to him, that I could go in there alone. Because I think that’s the best story … I was saved. It was important for me to appear that way.”

Jessica told ET that despite all the rekindled drama with Amber and Barnett, she and Ben have moved on and are focusing on the positive. She revealed that they have been together for a year and a half, recently moving to suburban Los Angeles together, and have already discussed the possibility of getting married one day.

“We are building a foundation. Rushing into marriage in 30 days didn’t work for me,” he joked. “In the initial show, Ben saw some of the pieces that I think were difficult to see. He has been my biggest support every step of the way.”

Love is blind: after the altar it now airs on Netflix. Hear more in the video below.