'Love is Blind': Amber explains why her feud with Jessica doesn't end before 'After the Altar' (exclusive)

The Married Couples of Season 1 of Love is blind They are opening up to ET about what their lives have been like since they left the capsules and spent two years together in the real world.

ET spoke with Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed ​​and Matthew Barnett and Amber Pike ahead of the next Netflix movie. After the altar meeting, where they opened up about the struggles they faced spending so much time together amid the coronavirus pandemic, whether they are ready to start having children, and more.

“We are happy. In fact, we just wrote a book … we also bought a house, we are thinking about having a second dog, so life is moving for us,” Lauren told ET’s Kevin Frazier, adding that she and Cameron are making it “practicing” for human babies. “So yeah, you know, soon.”

For Amber and Barnett, they have enjoyed getting to know each other on a whole new level and just having fun.

“We have been quite adventurous about it. After getting married so quickly [on the show]Obviously we had a lot to catch up to get to know each other, and to be able to live those adventures that young couples do, “Amber explained.” So we spend a lot of time doing random things. Before COVID-19, there were many concerts and trips. During COVID, we learned a lot about how we live together. “

“We had our days. We definitely had to upgrade the apartments!” She continued. “Outside the bedroom, I want a little more space.”

The couple revealed that starting a family one day is also on their wish list. “On my list in the capsules was, ‘He must want to have children.’ At the top of the list,” Amber recalled. “Kids with my crazy features!”

Netflix announced earlier this month that it would release the next Love is blind: after the altar. The reunion special features three new episodes that follow the lives of all the couples and singles from Season 1 as they prepare for a two-year anniversary party celebrating Lauren and Cameron, and Amber and Barnett.

“When we get the whole group together, it has the potential to be explosive,” Cameron joked to ET, and Lauren added, “It was definitely interesting.”

Amber noted that there were “obviously a couple of people who would have done better if they didn’t come,” referring, of course, to Jessica Batten and her infamous feud. As fans of Love is blind As he saw on the show, Jessica was crushing Barnett in the pods, but had a hard time letting him go when he ultimately chose Amber over her.

“I’m not mad, I just don’t want to have anything to do with her,” Amber said. “There are only some people who when they show you their character, you have to believe them. The rest of the world may have seen something and can form their opinions, but I experienced something and I have my opinion and it is not. It is going to change. So why what would I want to have something to do with her? “

“It was awkward, yeah,” Barnett admitted, of seeing Jessica again. “It’s like meeting any ex in public. It’s like, ‘I really don’t want to talk to you, I don’t even want to say hi to you.’ It’s like, ‘You’re in the past, I don’t want anything.

Since leaving the show, Jessica has struck up an affair with Benjamin McGrath, a California foot and ankle surgeon who calls himself “Doctor Ben” on Instagram. But according to Amber, Jessica hasn’t totally outgrown Barnett, and neither has Ben!

“It’s weird … she hasn’t moved on. Her new boyfriend was texting my husband,” Amber stated. “That was a really awkward situation, so neither of us has walked away from us.”

Love is blind: after the altar launches Wednesday July 28 on Netflix. In the meantime, hear more of the season 1 couples in the video below.