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Louis of Llano. Marco Flavio defends the producer of Sasha Sokol

MEXICO CITY.- Louis of Llano was accused of sasha sokol of sexual abuse when she was a minor. The statement of the singer and actress generated a stir, so several celebrities spoke about it. Now the television producer, Mark Flavio, He came out in defense of his best friend and assured that he would be with him “until death”.

Luis de Llano was always “respectful” says Marco Flavio

In an interview with María Luisa Valdés Doria for Telediario, Marco Flavio was questioned about how the producer was Louis of Llano After the uproar caused by the Sasha Sokol indictment against your friend. The also producer began by assuring that his “brother” is a “gentleman” and has always been very respectful.

Marco Flavio He admitted that they were always partying and “unruly”, but respectful, he also pointed out that he knows all the ex-partners and current wife of Louis of Llano and has always heard good things about him.

Luis de Llano is my best friend. He is like my brother, my compadre, we worked together for 38 years, we frequented each other… He is a gentleman, you know him, I know his wife, his ex-wives, I met his girlfriends and I always heard good comments,” said Marco

“We have lived together and we have done things, parties, we are relaxed, chaotic, but respectful. Always very respectful. I don’t know what happened there,” added the producer.

Marco Flavio Cruz admitted that he did meet Sasha Sokol, But he argued that he never had “a close friendship with her”, although they have “a good relationship”.

“And of the people affected, I hope that everything goes well, that it goes ahead… I never had a very close friendship with her. I have a good relationship with her,” the producer explained.

Louis of Llano. Where and how is it?

Though Marco Flavio assured that he has been in contact with Plain He did not reveal where his friend is. Likewise, he could not indicate how the writer is, because Flavio Cruz stated that he did not know this information, but he said he had “the hope that he is well.”

“He is an optimistic person, he is a person of integrity, he has a lot of strength and, well, from the people affected, I hope everything goes well,” said the producer.

Finally, producer Marco Flavio reiterated that Louis of Llano He has his unconditional support: “He knows that I am with him until death.”

Sasha Sokol has not yet formally denounced Luis de Llano

Last March 8, sasha sokol Through several messages on his social networks, he revealed that Louis of Llano He had abused her when she was 14 and 39. Later, the former member of Timbiriche warned that she would take her case to court.

But last May, the singer was intercepted by different media upon her arrival at the Mexico City Airport, there the actress also stated that go on without go to the authorities to legally denounce to De Llano, for a reason:

“I know that you care about me as a human being… I thank you very much for respecting this painful moment that I am living, the day I report it, hearts will find out,” Sasha Sokol pointed out.

Likewise, the singer took advantage of the cameras to ask the television stations not to take advantage of her abuse case for profit.

If the media hadn’t normalized what happened, maybe I wouldn’t have lived what I lived… I hope that no television station now with what happened wants to profit from this pain, and instead of offering an apology because this happened in front of their noses, and they have normalized it in the same way, now they want to profit”, declared the interpreter of “Japi”.

In that meeting with the press, Sasha She wanted to end by requesting that her issue be treated as seriously as possible, despite being a public figure, since for her it represents “a deeply painful issue.”

“What Louis of Llano and I have dedicated so many years to entertainment, I understand that some may think that this is a show, it is not, it is a theme deeply painful and that it has very serious consequences, so, on behalf of the boys and girls, who are being victims of abuse, I ask you with great affection that we give it the level of the conversation, ”expressed the singer.

Luis de Llano would already be preparing a defense against a possible complaint by Sasha Sokol

After the statement by Sasha Sokol in which before the cameras of different media outlets he assured that he would legally denounce Louis of Llanothe journalist Mónica Castañeda indicated that the producer is advising himself before a possible complaint.

“I found out that Mr. Louis of Llano He is preparing, he is not talking to anyone, he is not giving any statement, but he is preparing his defense, ”Mónica Castañeda mentioned in the broadcast of the program she hosts.

It should be noted that Luis de Llano has remained silent, the last thing that was heard of him was the statement he issued at the end of March, in which he said he had not committed “no crime”because the relationship he had with sasha sokol it was consensual.

Reference from yucatan

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